Thursday, December 11, 2008

Felonious politics and the need to keep this shit real…

Shall we?

A bitch was hoping the anticipation would last longer, but damn it all if Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. didn’t fess up to being Candidate #5 during a press conference yesterday.


Rep. Jackson is not the focus of this corruption investigation and he denied sending emissaries to see Big Rod to pitch a pay-to-play deal in the Great Illinois Senate Seat Auction of 2008, but this bitch predicts his dream of joining the Senate is now over.

Pause…crack knuckles…continue.

This bitch is more than a little disturbed by an emerging theme surrounding the political drama in Illinois. Many a talking head has presented Illinois as some rare state where corruption has gone wrong…as if pay-to-play was conceived, birthed and permanently resides in Illinois.

And that, my friends, is bullshit.

I’ll give them that Illinois has had a series of juicy scandals, but no one should look at this shit as an Illinois problem.

If your jaw dropped…if you cursed under your breath at the clumsiness of it all…if you are disgusted by the stupidity of an elected official already under investigation chatting his ass off in bug-able places and allegedly discussing all manner of illegal activity in the Governor's office…Lawd, have mercy...and you happen to not live in Illinois, then you need check that better them than us attitude and get real about the role back-room dealing plays in politics everywhere.

Every fucking where.

Shit, North Dakota beats Illinois by a long shot.


I’m not defending this shit.

I just don’t see any benefit in anyone thinking bold ass felonious politics is as unique to Illinois as Chicago style deep-dish yummified pizza.

There, but for the lack of a federal investigation, go far too many states...


Jamila said...

As a native Philadelphian, pay to play antics and corrupt politicians are just a unfortunate way of life.

I wasn't surprised that the Ill. governor got caught up.... It was the amazing over the top sloppiness of it all...Like getting caught at a buffet stuffing food in your bag. You're already eating damn good but there you go being all gluttonous and fat with your shit... SMH.

Moderate Democrat said...

My Goodness Gracious, O Black Angry One! You talk like a Republican!

Some have suggested on other boards that Rowdy Roddy be treated to a Texas-style sleighride through the cactus, a Louisiana-style skiride through the gators, and a Chicago Mafia-style Beach Party at Lake Michigan.

Using Blago as part of a North Dakota-style Snowman is a new one on me. I don't even want to know how its done, however; I'll be the last to complain if you do.

Blago impresses me as the type of snitch that would say anything to get out of trouble, including squeal on Obama. He's given up Jesse Jackson Jr. already for chump change. Do you think he's trying to tell Obama something?

Shark-Fu said...

Tisk followed by task!

I talk like a bitch, m'dear(wink) and I suspect Mr. Obama is facing the political equivalent of being in the room when someone else passes silent but deadly gas – everyone suspects everyone even though only one of them dropped that nasty ass stank bomb.

Anonymous said...

You have just made a funny: "The Nasty A$$ Stink Bomb in a Crowded Room Whodunit"

Thats going to have a lot of Republicans rolling on the floor laughing when it gets used at the Impeachment Trial.

The life expectancy of Blogo's term in office is sleightly shorter than the Waranty on a Bride's Virginity when the "Do Not Disturb" sign gets hung on the door the Bridal Suite.

The smart money says that Blago will be "retired' by Monday.

Unknown said...

IL rates sixth I think on the scale of corrupt no, they didn't "birth" this shit, not by a longshot. ;)

Anonymous said...

Illinois has nothing New Mexico or Louisiana doesn't have in the line of crooked politicians...well...maybe the whining and snitching that the others usually don't do.
There is no way they will get Barack in this. Even if he did something he has Bill and Hillary on his side now and...

Anonymous said...

Then I found this.
From USA Today

jsb16 said...

More investigations and more corrupt politicians spending time in the same jails as the common criminals would be a good thing for politics in this country. Pay-to-play may be common, but it's not just horse-trading, either.

Anonymous said...

Alaska is way up there in the top five. As I suspected.

Anonymous said...

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Florida kicks Illinois ass in corruption. Hell, just the city of Miami and Hialeah could hold their own against the entire state of Illinois.

Both is sheer numbers, and on a per-capita basis.

But Florida is NEVER getting any respect. All the other states have to be "more corrupt" or "more re-count-ie" or "more snow" or whatever.

By the way - has Fox "News" mentioned that Texas has had MORE convictions for public corruption than Illinois?

Of course one could also look at it another way. A much more cynical way. Nebraska has the lowest number of public corruption convictions BECAUSE NOBODY GETS BUSTED.

Huh??? How about that? These holier than thou states with their less than 500 convictions! The corrupt are simply getting away with it!!

At least states like Illinois and Florida, and to some extent Texas, are trying to do something about it....

PS I agree that Jessie Jackson Jr is done. He may get reelected to the House, but his Senate bid is over. And I do not know if this is really fair or not. Do we know he offered to pay to play? Not really. The investigation will uncover that.

He may be elected later. Depending on what the investigation uncovers of course. If he was willing to pay, or tried to make a deal, he is toast. If he flat out refused to make a deal, or assisted the government in its case - he could come out looking very good.

But right now all 6 (or however many there were) candidates are suspect. It just looks bad. It may not be bad, but it looks bad. They all need to step back.

achoiceofweapons said...

Corruption has always run rampant but we have got to do something about this crap! It's out of control.

Balzar Friesen said...

Well, SHARK-FU. I can't agree with you more that Chicago is not alone in it's smoke-filled room shenanigans. They've just been historically a bit more flamboyant about it, or shall we say, brazen. But, living in China, as I now do, quid pro quo, tit for tat, I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine...America can't hold a candle to the politicos here...amateurs, the lot of them (The Americans, that is).

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