Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pondering plumbing…

First, thank you all for the encouragement and advice commented to yesterday’s post!

I really appreciate y’all…BIG TIME!

Shall we?

Last night Joe the Plumber got his fifteen minutes and then some during the last (thank Gawd!!) presidential debate before the election. Joe the Plumber…who may also be a Joe six-pack…was the dude who challenged Obama during a campaign event on his tax proposal saying that he’s about to buy a bitness making some $250,000 and feels Obama’s plan will tax him more.

Obama answered Joe the Plumber then…and again last night. McCain basically dedicated his debate appearance to the man.

Shit, Joe the Plumber was spoken to some 24 times during the debate between the two candidates!


Must be nice.

Well, I’m Shark-Fu the AngryBlackBitch and I’d like to point something out to Joe the Plumber.




Congrats on the new bitness.

A bitch is one of the masses that would be a potential customer for you if you were a Missouri-based plumber. We have bathrooms and sinks and toilets and such…and when shit breaks we usually turn to a plumber. But the economic crisis may impact that…and have the Family Bitch turning to Lowes and a self-help book first.


Not that you seem to give a damn about the rest of us working people who would LOVE to be able to afford a plumber much less buy a plumbing bitness in the middle of a fucking recession.


Fuck it.

A bitch suspects that plumbing, like beer, is recession proof.


Yeah, because this bitch would rather suffer through another debate than the horrors of do-it-yourself plumbing...


SagaciousHillbilly said...


Maybe when I'm REALLY old.

9 out of 10 plumping problems can be fixed with a wrench and a few cheap supplies available at. . . yes, Lowes.
The other 10% aren't much more difficult.
$100/hr plumbers DO NOT deserve 15 minutes of fame!!!!!!

I got it! Household Plumbing for Dummies! I could be rich!

Landlady of Fat said...

ROFL -- I wanna pop Joe the Plumber in the mouth.

Every time someone said "Joe" last nite I died a little bit inside.

Anonymous said...

Shamelessly stolen from another message board, the recap:

Obama: I'm talking to you Joe. You know how much you'll be fined for not providing health care to your workers? Zero.
McCain: Zero?
Obama: Well yeah since I said IN THE LAST DEBATE that small businesses would be exempt from the requirement.
McCain: (Deer in the headlights, spasms, creepy smile)

Debby said...

Apparently Joe the Plumber isn't even registered to vote.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, it looks like not having six figures in assets still makes one invisible...
-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

Joe the plumber is related to Charles Keating, folks, things aren't always what they seem.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Read online today that Joe the Plumber isn't licensed in Ohio or the business he works for..nor has he paid his personal property tax??? lol Me thinks McCain has done Joe the Plumber no favors by pointing the finger at him??? Yep, Home Depot is my second store next to Wally World!

Andy said...

The way this is being used one wonders if "Joe the Plumber" wasn't a plant, the issue of taxes is the ONLY issue the Republicans use when speaking on the economy, and they have realised that they can't distract people with their usual nonsense. This "random" conversation with "average American made flesh" puts it out there.

The thing is, people don't seem to give a shit, whenever "Joe" came up the independents response on CNN was to dial down. Are the times not more desperate than this? Like I said on my blog, when the Michigan governor is starting a "Food Stamp Challenge" and telling people to try and eat on $5.78 a day, who gives a shit?

Nat said...

Plumbing like beer is recession proof. -- best line I've read in a while. Thanks for the laugh.

Is everyone down there named Joe?

rainywalker said...

Joe the plumber is a fake, a plant by the Republicans!

ChristopherM said...

My plumber sends his children to the most expensive private school in the city. Joe needs to stop his poor-mouthing to McCain.

And FYI, Black & Decker's plumbing do-it-yourself book can set you free.

The Lazy Iguana said...

If a plumber charges $100 an hour, then that is what his labor is worth. Assuming he has customers at that rate.

Some plumbing jobs require a lot more than a wrench and a plunger. What if you need a new leech field? You want to dig that thing yourself? I don't.

Anyhow - his not having a license is apparently not a problem. In that state if you just do basic jobs for residential customers all is good. Licenses are for commercial work, and likely things like digging up a sewer line or putting in a new septic system.

But this "Joe" guy is not what he seems. As it turns out, the business in question will not make $250k - $280k a year. And he is not really going to buy it.

I doubt this Joe guy was ever going to vote for Obama. I heard a press conference he held and it was one right wing talking point after another. Straight from right wing talk radio.

But to each their own. He is a real person. And he is free to vote for whoever he wants.

And even if he was buying a business that was going to gross $300k a year - getting that figure under $250k would be easy.

Expand the business. Buy more capital equipment. Hire more employees. Capital equipment, wages paid, inventory, and general business expense is SUBTRACTED from the gross, you only pay taxes on the net.

I could take a sole proprietor business that was pulling in $10 million in profit, spend $9.8 million expanding that business, claim an income of $200k, and fall in the "tax cut" bracket. Not a problem.

If you ask me, giving small business an incentive to net under $250 will encourage them to expand. Even more so if they are close to that cut off amount.

Joe could just buy a couple of new vans for his business. This means that a car dealer makes a few bucks, and then can afford to hire Joe to unclog the toilet. And so on.

The guy seriously needs to talk to an accountant.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so let me get this shit straight.

His name is Sam, he's in default on his taxes, he's related to Keating, he's lived in both Arizona AND Alaska, and he's not licensed to do the job he says he does to make a living.

That about it?

Oh, and he's gone on record in an interview as saying that his intent in the first place was to blindside Obama.

There, I think that's it, unless he turns out to have worked for Tony Soprano in the past as well.

SunFresh said...

I just got a better understanding of the motivation behind McCain's tax plan: Cindy McCain.

2007 Tax REFUND: $954,112. Yes, that is a refund. She certainly either needs a better tax adviser or could withstand a 3% marginal tax rate increase.

Effective tax rate: 26% (Warren Buffett's effective tax rate is approx 17%, while his secretary's is 30%)

2007 Capital Gains: >$700,000.

So clearly John would not write tax laws that are disadvantageous for his 'beloved.'

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