Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pondering the absence of the Queen of Rancidity…

A bitch has been working the front lines of this election battle in Missouri and this battleground shit is fierce! I keep telling myself that there will be time enough for sleep after November 4th.


Anyhoo, I couldn’t fall asleep last night and this bitch found my thoughts wandering to the current line-up of political pundits getting their talk on.

And it hit me that Ann Coulter has been missing in action.


The last time a bitch saw the Queen of Rancidity on television she was vowing to vote for anyone but McCain.

Where for art thou Ann?

Don’t get me wrong…this Coulterless election season has been refreshing as a motherfucker. And its not as if others haven’t picked up the nastification slack in her absence.

I know that she’s still churning out outrageous shit somewhere, but a bitch hasn’t been assaulted by her presence on morning television for months. Mayhap the faithful aren’t buying her brand of chili the way they used to.


Could it be that a new version of the Republican ‘fear the other and resist reality’ brand is being developed during this election cycle?

I was so sure Coulter would emerge when the Edwards sex scandal broke since she adores hating on all things Edwards…but, if she held a party a bitch sure as shit didn’t see anything about it.

‘Tis a mystery, for sure.

And a bitch wonders if the absence of Coulter, even as the presidential campaign dissolves into the kind of fear-based revival of the Red Scare that she’d usually be all over like a fly on shit, signals the emergence of a changing of the guard in the social conservative ig’nant rhetoric club.

Bitch may not be the new black…

…but mayhap Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the new Coulter.


The Truffle said...

Perhaps the right wing brain trust (yes, it's an oxymoron) is keeping Trash Can Ann away from the media spotlight on purpose. They know that every time she opens her mouth, it's another $1,000 in the DNC's campaign coffers. The GOP's chances this year are bad enough as it is. They don't need Trash Can Ann as the avatar for everything that's bad about the right wing.

She still writes her silly little newspaper column, but the conservatives are trying really, really hard to pretend she doesn't exist. She's a liability to them now.

Personally, I could see her whipping out the knives on her fellow righties from 2009 onward. That would be fun to watch, yes?

Landlady of Fat said...

Holy shit -- you're right... she has gone missing.


Infuriated Faggot said...

Oh my god! I'm so glad you posted this...I was just asking my friends about her...Don't you think she would have been adding in some wonderfully grotesque comments on the Godless? Or maybe she's voting for Obama and the Right doesn't want her to let anyone know.

I'm glad she's gone but am worried about her return...I'm sure we'll hear from her AFTER the election!


Anonymous said...


Speak not her name... she might appear!

Seriously though, I hadn't noticed her absence, since I have actively avoided her in all shapes and forms since her pronouncement that Harriet Miers wasn't qualified to be on the Supreme Court because she attended SMU. Come to think of it though, she hasn't been among the Worst Persons in the World for a while.

billie said...

i never use her name. i won't dignify her with any respect by using her name. she gives women a bad name- because unlike hasslebitch- she has a brain in there. she chooses not to use it for anything positive or good. i am enjoying not having her in the forefront- but i can't say as i like the new crop of blondes either.

Anonymous said...

A must read:

Anonymous said...

Wow...I had not noticed she is MIA.

Say, I have a question and I know you will know the answer. It concerns the Stevens conviction. Like you I have been working on getting people registered and have run into a few who cannot vote...want to but cannot because they have been convicted of felonies. Now I know he is appealing and all but if the conviction holds and he is reelected, how can he maintain a seat in congress? I mean, he won't be able to vote for himself but he would be able to vote on issues which relate to millions of us? That makes no sense.

If so, how many other members of congress are convicted felons. Don't get me wrong, I believe that if a person commits a crime and pays their dues, they have paid their debt to society and should be able to vote.....a very basic right. But if the law says one cannot vote, then how can we allow them to be members of congress and vote on issues of healthcare, taxes, foreign policy etc?

The Empress said...

Well, she's been in the news

I had just assumed that the media had gotten sick of her vitriol. I would love to see Coultergeist on Maddow... that would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww DAMN! now why you gotta go and bring up ann coulter??? [what's the emoticon for vomiting?]. a couple of things: hasselbeck is a complete moron with not one complete thought, critical or otherwise...she simply parrots news points; coulter, at least, can think. that she chooses not to is pathetic.

also, i saw her on one of those three-panel tryptics [sp?] responding to some ridiculousness on foxness a week or so ago [i was surfing on by and stopped for a minute] the brief time that i watched, she didn't say a interruptions, no snarky one-liners, no whipping-the-hair-and-smirking, nothing. perhaps she's finally getting laid by a democrat [which she's been DYING for] and...

sorry, it's cold and raining and i'm just being bad. never mind!

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope the Bitch doesn't come back. She just goes for shock value to get attention.

Anonymous said...

Miss Thing (aka Trashcan Ann) is scheduled to appear on Hannity & Colmes tonight at 11:30 PST. Can't wait!

sypage said...

Yeah, I had definitely noticed her absence. I just thought maybe she had been committed or something. Or maybe the McCain posse has her tied up in a basement somewhere. It has been refreshing not to have to think about her. And even though Hasselbitch is annoying, she really isn't all that bright, and she could never match Coulter in utter viciousness and general misanthropy.

I've also noticed that VP Dick has been awfully quiet lately. I worry about him like you'd worry about a 4 year old who's just a little too quiet. Only instead of unloading all the dresser drawers, he's probably been off overthrowing a government somewhere while we've been distracted.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but what will we do if Ann doesn't come back?

The vitriol. The snarkiness. The nastiness. The---
Oh hell, maybe girlfriend is just in rehab . . . .
(Has to be some reason she never changed out of that Robert Palmer dress.)

Anonymous said...

Nature abhors a vacuum. Her head finally imploded.

Good riddance.

Unknown said...

Man I shouldn't outta read this right before bed..gonna give me nightmares. ;p

If Hasslebeck is the new Coultergeist, she is far easier to pick off as I don't think she is as quick on the draw as Trash Can Annie. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's strange..where has she gone? tut.

maybe this is where she's spending all her time!!

you never know!!x

Anonymous said...

I too must have been enjoying the quiet and not noticed she was gone. Alas I saw her on Hannity and Colmbs being her cu## self last night

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I'm a channel flipper because we have to know what the enemy is thinking. Coulter was on Fox News Thursday night.

Her and these azzholes were trying to link Obama to Sirhan Sirhan because Ayers wrote a thin manifesto in 1974 - when Obama was 13 years old - and allegedly one of the 100 people Ayers dedicated it to was RFK's assassin.

Coulter and the usual suspect, Hannity, was full of wrong-minded righteous indignation. They can't get in their heads that they're fishing in a dead water creek and determined to poison the new waters of change. Idiots. Fortunately most Americans are not.

Anonymous said...

sypage - your comments totally cracked me up. She who must not be named has not been missed in my house, but I did notice. Then I googled something totally unrelated the other day, and her name came up. Talk about scary......

Faith said...

Wow. I hadn't noticed, but yes, it has been rather refreshing.

libhom said...

The Coultergeist is still prominent in right-wing media that is meant for consumption by other rightists. However, the corporate media are giving her a rest until after the election. She is too useful for liberal and for Democratic fundraising appeals.

Hubris Sonic said...

>Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the new Coulter

Actually, thats true...

keep working hard. Days to go, before we sleep.

Veronica said...

I am only making this comment because I am a bit OCD when it comes to the English language (and, no, I don't claim to be perfect).

"Wherefore" means "Why", not "Where". Juliet was bemoaning the fact that Romeo was the ONE guy she would be forbidden to have, not asking where he was.

"WHY are you Romeo (not 'Robert')?"

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry to post slightly off-topic stuff in your personal blog, but I'm trying to get the word out about Barack Obama's opposition to California's Proposition 8, a bill Senator Obama calls "divisive and discriminatory."

You may have seen a flier with Obama's face all over it, and quotes from him implying that he supports the measure. Of course, Obama has always been a strong supporter of Christian marriage. We all want to see families strengthened.

But Barack Obama OPPOSES Proposition 8. He says that if passed it would "roll back civil rights."

Obama stated his opposition to Prop 8 way back in April, so the Prop 8 people know perfectly well that they are misleading the public by using Obama's image and quotes in their ad. Obama's statement read in part:

"I oppose the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution, and similar efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution or those of other states."

"For too long, issues of LGBT rights have been exploited by those seeking to divide us."

"It's time to move beyond polarization and live up to our founding promise of equality by treating all our citizens with dignity and respect."

"This is no less than a core issue about who we are as Democrats and as Americans."

In reaction to the misleading Prop 8 ad, Obama's camaign has stated:

"Senator Obama has already announced that the Obama-Biden ticket opposes Proposition 8 and similar discriminatory constitutional amendments that could roll back the civil rights he and Senator Biden strongly believe should be afforded to all Americans."

Don't let Senator Obama be misrepresented in the media! Please talk to your friends and family before election day about Obama's opposition to the discriminatory, divisive Proposition 8.

And, yes, I see that you're in Missouri, but the net is a boundary-crossing type of place, so I'm sure you reach a lot of readers in California. Please do what you can!

Rev. Bob said...

She's superflous. At this point not only doesn't the McCain campaign expect us to believe their statements, they don't believe them themselves. They're entirely phatic. Coulter would only fuck up their pretended narrative.

Anonymous said...

hi all~~~

i don't have a handy link but the coulter has been accused of voter fraud herself. she registered at her realtor's address in florida, then tried to vote in her own neighborhood and had to rush back to the realtor's neighborhood to cast her fraudulent vote. she was also living in nyc and registered in connecticut previous to moving to florida. she has a special friend in the FBI who helped her her fraud jam delayed until the statute of limitations ran out.

perhaps she's been told to STFU while the repugnants drilled us with ACORN accusations on mcsame's behalf? she can't sling the mud for them if she's lying down in the puddle herself.

google it if you like, it should be easy to find .

stay strong! peace in 2009!

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