Thursday, October 23, 2008

But isn’t this really about fairly distributing the burden?

A bitch watched my beloved Blues come up short against those Red Wings last night.


We’ve got to do something about that first period…big time!

And inviting a certain Gov. Palin to get her campaign on at Friday’s game…well, that’s just not right. Shit, this hockey mom (sorta-beagles count, right?) hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve having that woman on our home ice! The only positive is that she’s likely to drop another couple grand at Saks while she’s know, to stimulate the local economy one luxury item at a time.


Anyhoo, Missouri is in play and both presidential candidates are trying to show the Show-Me state why we should vote for them.

A certain Senator McCain has decided to do that with an "I am Joe the Plumber" ad that is so obviously ripped off from those "I am a P.C." ads that this bitch thinks someone should sue.

And doesn't that make McCain-Palin the political version of Windows Vista?


Well, a bitch isn’t Joe the Plumber.

But I am a Missourian…who would like to speak directly to my fellow Missourians about this shit.


Are you Joe the Plumber?

Or are you a worker…who has seen your wages flat line while prices go up?

Has your life thrived under the Bush tax cuts…are you swimming in prosperity…do you feel that those tax cuts have created jobs, stimulated the economy, solidified our status as an economic player, lowered costs and encouraged investment in Missouri?

Or are you struggling…making far less than $250,000 and surrounded by others in that same boat?

Well, its time for some Show-Me logic!

Don’t fall for this tired as shit.

This ain’t Czarist Russia, we aren’t serfs (thank Gawd for comment-based editors!..wink) and…despite what Gov. Palin thinks…the wealthy don’t rule by the will of Gawd.

This is Missouri, where we the people haven’t seen anything trickle down but stagnation and want.

McCain and his ads aren’t warning you about the dangers of spreading the wealth, people.

They’re desperately fighting against the possibility of having to fairly distribute the burden…


Infuriated Faggot said...

God! I sure hope I'm not Joe the Plumber- a 34 year old, bigoted sort-of plumber with no education and a pile of tax debt he's refused to pay...

And I love the commercial..."I am Joe the Plumber?" Strange!

For me it's more like "I'm an angry American who wants some accountability for the fucked up bullshit uneducated sort-of politicians and business men have been getting away with for far too long."

I don't know if you've heard about the rating Agencies skewing sentiment on Wall Street to make a quick buck? CSPAN was all over it yesterday.

Let's forget the plumber talk and focus on the fact we're being robbed :-)!

I would love to see a candidate who was like "I'm going to wall street and I'm bringing my angry mob with me..." Where is THAT guy?

MomTFH said...

I am amazed the "share the wealth" comment from Obama is a target at all, but maybe I am not on the same wavelength as many McCain/Palin supporters. This whole hording the wealth thing hasn't been working out for the vast majority of Americans. It's pretty obvious and not that controversial.

When a poor, uninsured friend of mine criticized that statement with some vague references to "socialism", I was so dismayed. How about the nationalization of the risk of the banking system? That is bad socialism. Tax cuts for the middle class? Not so much.

DawgDyke said...

My Maple Leafs stomped all over the Red Wings opening night *grins proudly*.

Shall the Blues send the Red Wings home crying at least once this season hey!

Val Gendleman said...


First, I've been lurking for over a month now, and I love your blog -- brilliant!

Next, I'm no Joe the Plumber either. Though I'm as ambitious and aspirational as the next gal, I'm not too worried about being taxed for the $250K per year that I'm not currently making, and not in any real danger of making in the near future.

I wonder, too, if anyone has hipped all these Joes to the fact that ALL taxes are re-distributions of wealth. Re-distributions that pay for public schools, and (have mercy!) the school vouchers that Joe et al. like so much. They pay for roads, and even -- even -- the faith-based initiatives that will likely remain in place even in a (God-willing) Obama administration. I doubt that any of the Joes would call George H.W. "Read-My-Lips" Bush a Socialist.

Anyhow... thanks for your terrific postings. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...

(note to self: don't trash talk... the Blues played a solid game and almost tied it up in the last minutes....)

What's going on, here? First the Phillies and now the Blues. Who arranges all this? Is the GOP calling up all the hockey teams and asking if Palin can drop the puck? And does it filter to the AHL as well? (Come on to the Chicago Wolves games, dearie.... we'll show you what pit bulls really look like.)

Who do the Blues play Friday night? Does it matter if they play a Canadian team, or are only games with two U.S.-based teams eligible? Will she come to a Red Wings game? (I would so buy tickets, just for the opportunity to get Palin right upside the head with one of our traditional Octopi...)

Finally should Obama post up a ceremonial tip-off for preseason NBA games?

The Empress said...

I'm Rachel the Artist. I have 45 grand in student loan debt because I was privileged enough to go to a private art school (and just under-privileged enough to get grants and scholarships that covered about half of my college career).

Joe the Plumber, and all the other Name the Profession people following the McPinochet campaign around don't represent me... cause I'm, like, an intellectual or something.

Shark-Fu said...

Great questions! I have no idea. A lot of fans are pissed off about it and the hockey blogs are on fire.

Alls I know for sure is that a bitch didn't invite her ass and she'd best not stress out my team.


And Obama need not give up on the hockey vote - or at least send Biden's ass out on the ice.

Anonymous said...

Yah, my friends who are Hockey Moms are really pissed off about all this... although I will give props to Gov. Palin's courage. I sure as hell wouldn't want to face down a hostile Flyers crowd (and you know in Philly they are hostile just for being hostile!) Don't expect to see her around my Chicagoland area any time soon, but will give her the appropriate welcome if I do. Tasteful and all, but appropriate.

Oh, and Dawg? Bring it, Brother!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

A certain Senator McCain has decided to do that with an "I am Joe the Plumber" ad that is so obviously ripped off from those "I am a P.C." ads that this bitch thinks someone should sue.

(sorry the yelling)

So you ARE a Mac user?


EHR said...

I'm surprised your Blues didn't beat my Wings - we haven't been playing very well so far this year.

Also, speculating as to which child she will put in a Blues jersey to try to keep the crowd from booing her: Trig. I betcha!

Anonymous said...

Let's hear some hisses from the Blues crowd tonight!


Shark-Fu said...

Is a bitch a MAC user?

Of course!

A adore Miss SisterGirl MACBook...just adore her!

Unknown said...

Missouri is in play

I am a Missourian on my dad's side and I'm just going to have to sit for a minute with my delighted shock and awe at that particular statement.


And the moment's passed. That's glorious!

DNLee said...

tell the truth, shame the devil.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my husband felt like it was 'I am Malcolm X!' from Spike.
Wasn't there a 'I am Tiger Woods' one too?

libhom said...

"This ain’t Czarist Russia, we aren’t surfs and…despite what Gov. Palin thinks…the wealthy don’t rule by the will of Gawd."

That is pure brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Serfs, please. Surfs are on the ocean coast. I am a pedantic pain in the rear. Thank you.

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