Sunday, October 19, 2008

On a hockey note - Go Blues!

C-Money and this bitch caught the Blues hockey game on the telly Saturday night.



They were playing those Chicago Blackhawks at home...that’s a rivalry deserved of respect and live television viewage!

Anyhoo, the Blackhawks scored first…and by the third period a bitch was fretting that I’d have to endure some serious trash talk from Chicago fans.

But then it happened…the Blues made a third period comeback to tie the game and send it into overtime.


And after a scoreless overtime we went into that shoot-out-to-decide-it-all business that is beyond bad for a bitch’s blood pressure.


Thank Gawd the fantabulous T.J. Oshie (the fresh faced rookie down from North Dakota that C-Money just adores and wants to feed soul food to) took that moment to score his first NHL goal and win the game!



Dawg biscuits for sorta-beagles and Sweetie the three legged chow…3

Vodka crans…don’t even ask.

Shit, if we weren’t in an economic depression the Bitch Squad would buy season tickets.


Anonymous said...

heh--- we'd have seasons tickets, too, if only we actually had several hundred extra dollars to spend. we used to. i had seasons tickets with my dad my entire life; when he passed in 2001, my boyfriend and i kept the tickets for several years following. now, though, it's just us, the blues, and the tv.

FriĆ°vin said...

So what are you saying? You're like a ... moose-shootin' hockey mom?


Anonymous said...

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Unknown said...

Ducks fan we have one of their farm teams in my town..

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not the Blackhawks fans (all 5 of them) you need to worry about, Little Sister. It's all us Red Wings fans... he he he.

(Patiently lurks in bushes awaiting Wednesday's game...)

Shark-Fu said...

I fear you not, oh Red Winged One!


Bring it!

Jumps behind bushes swiftly...

Camera Obscura said...

We were there Saturday. Hubs came home with a sore throat from screaming all the way through the end of the third period and all of overtime.

We belong to a group of several people who put in money for five season tickets and split them up according to how much money they put in / how many games they wanted to see (same-same.)

Oh, ignore Kona, and any Detroit nonsense.

Anonymous said...


It is the YEAR of the SABRES!


Anonymous said...

T.J. Oshie is the coolest! I'm gonna have to add a #74 jersey to my collection of random stuff so I can represent, yo. Great hockey sense. Speed. Selflessness. Stamina. Great hair. And a flair for the dramatic, diving to prevent a breakaway from a cold start off the bench the other day and putting up his first goal in a game-winning shootout against the hated Blackhawks on Saturday. I don't know if he knows anything about soulfood, but he's in the Lou now and shall be the subject of major fandom when we have ABB night at Scottrade. We can feed him soulfood after the homestand ... soulfood isn't on the training menu. Go T.J.!!!

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