Wednesday, October 08, 2008

By request – politics is local…

A certain Anonymous asked what this bitch’s thoughts are on the race to replace Gov. Blunt (bless his rancid heart) here in Missouri.

You asked for it!

Rep. Kenny Hulshof is the Republican candidate…though you’d be hard pressed to find any reference to the political party that shall not be named for fear of negative vote-based repercussions in his television commercials. The Hulshof campaign is a great example of the way Republicans are running in Missouri this year. His ads and literature have his name, his policy positions and so forth…but he and his fellow GOPers are running fast as a motherfucker away from all things Republican, Bushed or Blunted.

The thing is Hulshof has a record and it stinks the stank of a social conservative in moderate clothing. His votes against reproductive justice alone make him an unacceptable candidate…and no clever advertising tag line is going to hide that shit.

On the other side we have Attorney General Jay Nixon.


Nixon may not be the darling of the progressive set…but.


Missouri continues to writhe under the relentless abuse of Republican control and I, for one, shudder at the thought of four more years of anti-knowledge, anti-family, anti-women and anti-common sense government.

Sigh again.

We each have to make our own choice, Anonymous…do your research and make sure you are voting from a place of knowledge and not spin.


macon d said...

"bless his rancid heart"! You made me snort. In a good way.

Sounds like a heavy cloud over your environs is about to dissipate. As you basically noted, the Republican brand just might be at an all-time low in consumer post-purchase dissonance. Or wait, an all-time high. In dissonance. You see. (I can't wait until this election season finally passes--like a rancid kidney stone.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Sarah and all of her dirty ads, Jay would pretty much have to get caught on tape killing someone to lose this one. Unfortunately we have to watch all of these damn ads thanks to unlimited's only going to get worse with the $$ being pumped in these days.

Unknown said...

If I had the following options on my ballot for MO-gov:

1) Ken Hulsof
2) Jay Nixon
3) Stab yourself with a rusty fork.

I would pick #3. But I guess I am stuck with #2. Sigh

Anonymous said...

Gov. Blunt has been an absolute nightmare. While I agree that Nixon is far from ideal-hell, even a dead guy would be better than Hulsof (with intentional salt in wound to Ashcroft)
Please remember medicaid folks and ALOT of state services got butchered by Blunt and his thugs.

Anonymous said...

I like the bad dude's ads. Snorting bulls and the ever-so-catchy "that's the wrong way Jay." I'll be voting the ABB slate, the loyal Dem slate, the progressive way and stuff. But when I pretend to be a Republican for the simple minded fun of it I just LOVE to shout "that's the wrong way Jay!"


Unknown said...

It could be worse. You could be living in "the State of Chicago" where I'm currently stuck after leaving Missouri. The government situation in Missouri right now is civilized in comparison. I'll be coming home as soon as I am able.

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