Sunday, October 05, 2008

By request – No you’re never gonna get it, never ever gonna get it…

A certain Anonymous left a comment on my V.P debate post that asked for this bitch’s thoughts on the issue of some white voters who are not going to vote for Senator Obama because he’s black.


Shall we?

A bitch isn’t one to bet, but my ass is pretty damn sure that Senator Obama is aware that there are some white voters who traditionally vote for democrats who will not be voting for him because he is black.

As a matter of fact, a bitch has noticed that the people who seem most surprised by a lack of support sourced deeply in racial bias are white people who thought America had progressed a hell of a lot further than we actually have.

The success of the Obama campaign has surprised me but it has not convinced me that Americans are beyond making decisions based on race, class and gender or that some among us are prepared to cast votes that go against their personal best interest simply because the logic resistant infection of bigotry courses through their veins.




Not one bit.

The thing to do is to keep it real, Anonymous.

Be authentic and a wee bit audacious (wink) and continue to explain why you are voting for the people you are voting for. You may not change minds but, then again, you may.

Just remember that you can only live your life...

...and others will have to live theirs, ig'nant though they may be.


Cheri said...

Well said ABB!

The bottom line is that you aren't going to undo years of inbred raciscm simply because a black man has made it a stone's throw away from the White House. If anything that might even cause it to start jumping out from places unexpected.

The hate-mongers will always hate. Afterall, that's their job.

On the flip side of this argument, what's the difference in voting FOR someone because of their race and voting AGAINST someone because of their race? For people who think this way, the issue of loyalty to one's race often replaces good old fashioned common sense.--Cheri

Unknown said...


Love your blog. Although my mind knows that some people will not vote for Obama because he is black, when I hear people actually say it, it just makes my heart sink. To look around at the state of America and think that the racist attitudes of the "ig'nant" Joe six-packs and pitbull hockey moms might keep us knee-deep in the shitty quagmire we are in makes my heart sad.

But no matter what the outcome in November, America needs to address the big-ass elephant in the room, which is our history and issues with race, lest it trample us all to death.

brightstarr said...

You've just gotten a new fan. I cannot agree more. Of course there are those who won't vote for him because he's black. Prior to a few months ago, I thought that would make a the difference between his winning and losing, but now I think that people are fed up. Fed up SO much, that they may actually vote for his black @ss. His timing couldn't possibly be any better for shattering a much needed glass ceiling. Now I guess all we can do it sit back and watch. Drinks on me...

Unknown said...

It's his gray matter that attracts me...I am soooo damn tired of stupid idiots!!!

dinthebeast said...

Did you see Bill Maher's take on this issue? God it was funny. He turned that shit around pretty good. I'll go find the link and bring it...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Obama has one thing going for him that McCain lacks. Calmness, and a deliberative manner. One would hope that the country as a whole longs for some quiet after the US economic crisis, the run-up to the war and the war itself, and 9/11.

McCain has that irritable edge that is the opposite of soothing and confidence-inspiring. Palin is perky and completely lacking in empathy and seriousness. Americans without troubles may admire bullies, but as soon as Americans start hurting in a very personal way, the bully glamor wears off.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I know there are people who will not vote for Obama because he is black. It is not a surprise to me at all. Being white and all I can sneak into a lot of places blacks can't, and other white people seem to think they can say all sorts of things to me and Ill just agree with them. So I have heard some flat out say it.

And then there are the people who lie about not wanting to vote for a black man. Of course, you can spot these people pretty easy. They will not say "I will not vote for a black man", they use other code words. Like for example:

I am not voting for a muslim
I am not voting for a communist
Obama has ties to terrorists

And so on. You know, make up some crap and then use that as an excuse to not vote for him.

Not that I ever expect anyone to have 100% approval ratings, or win 100% of the vote. Of course McCain will get many millions of votes. As it should be. I just ask that if you vote against someone it is for a reason based in reality, as opposed to fantasy land or whatever else.

And some may actually believe the lies that have been let out. Fox "news" has been a great source for many of these lies. They report a rumor as if it were fact, and then later retract it. Very quietly retract it. But only after someone else fact checks it.

I voted for Obama way back in the FL primaries - which I thought would not count. Not because he is black, but because I did not think Edwards was going to be a serious contender (EXCELLENT CALL in my part!!), and I just did not trust Hillary. For some reason.

Plus, I liked what Obama had to say. He seemed more real than the other people.

Not that I did not like Hillary either. In fact, I figured she would win. However when she invented crazy Hillary math to claim she had more votes than Obama (when she did not) that was it. If you can not add, you can not be President. If you do not know 20 is greater than 15, you can not be President. But if we just give her all Michigan's delegates, and only count people in Michigan who voted for her (since nobody else was on the ballot) AND we leave out some caucus states.........

Sorry Hillary. But no. Stay in the Senate if you like, but no.

I will vote for Obama in November.I think he actually has a pretty good chance at getting elected. And lets hope he does!!

Anonymous said...

I saw a study recently (thinking maybe you did too?) that noted 1/3 of registered democrats have issues with race. At the time, naive white chick that I am, I was mortified, surprised and then quite depressed. Since then, some more clued in folk told me "Um, duh. Thats been the reality from the start." Oh. Pull head out of hole. Ok. And yet, Obama continues to rock it never the less.
And another little sidebar thingy from me, I have a ton of friends that aren't from the U.S. (went to H.S. abroad) and they are all convinced we aren't READY for the change Obama can bring. They are convinced that if he's elected, while it will be amazing for race relations on a national AND global scale, there will be some intense unveiling of scary racism we have been in denial of for far too long. It was a great point and I say lets do this. Lets deal with our issues finally for once. Obama is going to do great things, but he is stepping into one helluva mess in this country of ours.

Anonymous said...

And so? The surprise is?

No matter what, some people will never be comfortable with the concept of other. "Oh, he's black/jewish/gay/straight/brainy... so I can';t vote for him." is an unfortunate common fact of life.

What saddens me is the article in a national news magazine this past summer that included a quote from a 20-something woman who said she wouldn't vote for Hillary because "some jobs just shouldn't be held by a woman." (Other than sperm donor, I can't think of one right now) - I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Some people will never vote for a black man. Others not for a woman. Still others not for a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew. BUT we all vote our conscience, and at least let us all vote!

mohammedalley said...

While canvassing for Barack I had one voter tell me he would not vote for Obama because "blacks, gays, and lesbians support Obama" and "I'm not one of those." Another one told me he plans to vote for Obama - at 50 years of age this will be his first time voting - because he's black. Indeed, Barack has said - I paraphrase - perhaps their votes cancel each other out. Our aim is to introduce policies that are good for America and ultimately all Americans regardless of race.
I hope we get the chance to do that. Another voter told me she plans to bring her 12-year-old daughter with her on election day so that she can participate in an historic, and perhaps life-changing, election.

Anonymous said...

I haven't entirely decided whom to vote for, but so far I am not hearing anything spectactular from the Democratic position.

As far as the color of one's skin goes....really, let's take a look at the ones of you who continually stir up the "race card". What color are you? That should just about sum it up, I imagine.

John said...

i don't know how i managed to wind up on your blog, but i've since become an avid reader; entertaining, informative, and above all - funny as as hell. your voice shines through clearly.

kudos, and greetings from holland.

Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous:

If you've actually bohtered to read the policies of both, then vote however you like.

As to your second comment: Why should non-members of a group bring up the trials of that group? They have already got the best end of the bargain - where is the inentive to rock the boat? That's why you don't see it happen.

When you have had someone tell you - to your face - that an acheivement is out of yur reach because of color, gender, or other intrinsic personal aspects, you will understand.

Of course, short of abruptly becoming one of the disabled, I am guessing that you will probably coast along in your privileged naivete regarding predjudice.

Must be nice.

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