Friday, January 06, 2006

Not targeted, but perhaps hit...

Thank Gawd it’s Friday!

This bitch is exhausted. Two straight days of not enough sleep…shit!

3 cups coffee with minimal 1% organic milk followed by copious amounts of Splenda, 1 Claritin, 1 Excedrin Sinus Headache and cigs…

Not targeted, but perhaps hit…
A bitch caught the tail end of CNN’s Situation Room with Wolfie B. last night. There was a curious news item about the possibility that the NSA has been listening in on Christiane Amanpour’s conversations. It seems that Andrea Mitchell of NBC asked a rather odd question of reporter James Risen…something about have they ever listened in on a conversation with Christiane Amanpour. The transcript of her interview was posted and the blogs went at it like a dawg with a bone.

NBC took it down then reposted it with that section missing. They issued a statement saying that it was posted erroneously and that they are in the process of doing further blah blah blah.

So, on the Situation Room the good people of CNN attempted to address the question. They were able to get a statement from the NSA saying that they are not listening in on reporters, but that some conversation may be recorded during another listening operation. And, of course, those recordings are always destroyed (wink).

Now, this whole thing was odd but it kind of gets to the heart of the whole bugging without a warrant situation.

If this bitch had been doing the report my ass would have pointed out that we have only the NSA’s word on this shit. We have no way of confirming any of this nor can we confirm that recordings that happen to contain conversations between reporters and sources are destroyed. Which, on the surface is okay, but is fucked up to the limit when one really explores it.

Our government has tripped this wire before. They listened to activists during the 50’s and 60’s, they listened to student groups during the 50's, 60’s and 70’s and we all know that Nixon and his cronies were actively spying on reporters during their tenure at the White House. Shit, our government even listened to people having sex...freaky motherfuckers. All of which allowed them to use the power of government as a tool against citizen’s…blackmail, infiltration to undermine legal demonstrations and sabotage.

This bitch wonders if these spy operations would have been approved through the warrant process.

And perhaps that’s the real motivation for not getting one...then and now.

What we don’t know can hurt us. This bitch has moved on from whether this spy game makes us safer to how it hurts us. Our government could bug us all...hell, they can put a micro chip in every American and they could know who is where at all times.

Would that make us safer or more vulnerable to a different enemy?

Is our government protecting Americans or laying the foundation to manipulate and control us?

My ass doesn't know what pisses me off more...the fact that these fuckers are doing this shit or the fact that most people don't give a shit.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader and fan here.

As usual, you are so right. It is hard to decide what is more scary--the creepy-ass government or the total apathy.

Your blog helps me get through the day.


Free to Be said...

I too wonder where all the outrage is. I commented on another blog that what the hell else is going on we don't know about. My guess is A LOT.

I'm right there with ya.

Lisa said...

No kidding Free to be .... and ABB. I have to wonder why a lot of people seem unfazed by this. Granted, *I* expect it (and more) from this administration but is no one else aware of WTF is going on?

Wake up, little sheeples.

Boltgirl said...

Well, yeah--there's the apathy, and then there's the downright willful ignorance, the deliberate dishonesty, which pisses me off even more. A retired air force guy had a letter in the Tucson paper yesterday complaining about the "leftists" who want Bush impeached for "wiretapping foreign terrorists." Jesus! Do these people not read or seek any information at all beyond what Fox News spews?

AOB said...

The government is laying the foundation to control and manipulate us under the guise of protection. Either way we are totally fucked. We either get our asses blown up by a bunch of militant ragheads or we get life fucked by the government.

Welcome to America!

Crystal-Lynn said...

Is it apathy or do the rest of them know something we don't? Like the idea of freedom and privacy as advertised is bullshit. And that's OK. The news is not "news" -- it's reality tv. Don't believe the hype.


They're listening and never stopped. Duh. This warrant stuff is just for appearances. I think less than 10 have been denied in the entire history of the process.

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