Friday, January 20, 2006


A bitch would like to thank my Canadian brothers and sisters for taking the time to explain what the fuck is going on up there! Please keep a bitch up to date on the election outcome. Oh, and this bitch shall lift a glass…or two…in your honor Monday!

A certain Anonymous expressed some concern over a bitch’s mass consumption of Splenda. This bitch consumes all manner of bad-for-you shit…Sudafed comes to mind…but my ass is open to exploring other coffee sweetening options. A bitch shall check out this fructose substance and let y’all know my thoughts. 1% organic milk yumminess, however, is here to stay!

Monkey! Lawd, a bitch was alarmed to read that you were in a tussle…that resulted in facial injury, no less! That is too fucked it down and tend to that carefully. And a bitch hopes you clocked the motherfucker…hard.

Anyhoo, this bitch is tending to bitness and shall post later today...


Anonymous said...

A docile white dork is relieved her frutose treatment suggestion was well received. She takes pseudo-sudafed herself, goes for the 2% and sometimes even whole milk; is not crazy about the cigs, but understands; but a d-dub-d *hurts* to imagine a Bitch taunting fate by ingesting artificial sweeteners - visions of jumping the shark, having to bust the Splenda defense or something. Please. Be safe.

OK. Thank you.

monkey said...

abb, thanks for your thoughts and concern. i am meeting with a queer advocacy group today for support and assistance. for instance, pushing the police to file it as a hate crime, versus general assalt.
my jaw has been iced, thawed, kissed, and fussed over, in general, but no amount of tenderness removes the sting of hate. that shall pass in it's own time, i suppose. but thanks again for the love.

Sue said...

Hi Bitch!

I use Stevia with success. It's is plant derived but has not been approved by the FDA as a sweetener, so it's displayed with the food supplements like vitamins.

CP said...

Made my way over here from Cranky Prof's page. She had mentioned your controversy in response to a post I made on my blog with regard to anonymous posters (Mind you, not innocent posters as above, but those with malice on the brain).

Came to check it out first hand.

What an ignorant ass.

Anyway, spent some time here, and think I will be spending more.

Bitches rule.

lost clown said...

Looks like Harper.

Lord help us, it looks like Harper. Dammit. Crazy Conservatives EVERYWHERE!

I need a drink.

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