Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The liberal to do list...part 1

Happy 2006! This bitch rang in the New Year with yummy food and a serious party…fantabulous! Oh, and my ass got to hang out with a bunch of folks from a certain bitness in Fenton Missouri. Y'all are crazy...cool as shit...and crazy!

A certain AbsolutBilly has forwarded pictures, which a bitch may or may not post depending on how a bitch looks in them.

2 cups coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk, 1 Claritin, 2 Sudafed and cigs...

AngryBlackBitchFest Update…
A certain AbsolutBilly took up a bitch’s cause and found a venue for my sorta-play All About Ann! Fantabulous! And thanks again to Chris and Judith.

A bitch is pretty sure that AngryBlackBitchFest is going to go down Mardi Gras weekend here in the Lou, so the sorta-play will be staged Friday February 24. And who the fuck knew the weekend of February 24-26 would be such a whirlwind here in St. Louis? Not only is Mardi Gras going down, but also a whole crew of gay non-gays will descend upon the city to talk about being gay non-gays...oh, and a bitch’s birthday celebration will be taking place.

Mmmmhmmm…y’all need to take those vitamins, get plenty of rest and save up some bail money!

The liberal to do list (part 1)…
A bitch has been thinking about politics a lot recently. A lot is going down and a bitch likes to keep on top of shit. So this bitch spent the month of December observing and listening to the political buzz going on around me.

And…well…a bitch is concerned. Not so much with the current state of polarization in American politics…a bitch strongly believes that polarization is a necessary step and helps those pesky undecided voters clarify what they need to decide. No, this bitch is concerned about my fellow liberals.

And lets start with the word liberal, shall we? There has been a recent push to refer to liberals as progressives. A bitch is willing to conceded that progressive as a word has power. The problem is that most progressives have made the fatal error of leading with a new definition that their policy can’t back up.

Give the people progressive policies and they will start calling you what you fucking are.

Call yourself progressive while still clinging to stagnant policies and the people will chant bullshit. If it walks like it and talks like it, honey call it what it is.

A bitch prefers liberal and has no shame in it. And there is a part of me that doesn’t want an update simply because it validates the conservatives rhetoric that liberal equals bad. Fuck ‘em.

Moving forward…

Are you better off today than you were four years ago?



Ask and answer that question and you can build an entire motherfucking platform! For the love of Gawd people, shut your 1960’s handbooks and step up to the plate. We are in a war for hearts and minds! This is not the time to be caught mentally masturbating to outdated political theory!

A bitch believes that the fundamental problem with many of my fellow liberals is that we are guilty of the same shit as conservatives…not participating in the very society we seek to represent. And, when you don’t wade into the muck you will always have a hard time describing its texture with accuracy.

Before you can discuss Social Security reform you should get to know the current Social Security system. Wait! Slow the fuck down! Do not research this shit on-line. As a bitch’s sister is known to say, the Internet is a dangerous place. Take your happy ass to your local Social Security office, pick up a motherfucking pamphlet and read it. Twice. Then start researching. Because we do need to fix some shit and we might want to consider putting some FUCKING OPTIONS ON THE TABLE!

Before engaging in a discussion about poverty you should get to know the poor. A bitch is broke but my ass is not equipped to discuss poverty as a personal experience…poverty is different. Push away from the computer and travel a bit. If you find yourself afraid to enter North St. Louis City, that may be a starting point for you. Why are you afraid? Is it right for you to be afraid? Mayhap you should think about doing something about those things that spark fear and anxiety into your heart.

If you want information about organizations or groups that you can volunteer with just let a bitch know! But do not…DO NOT… assume that you can understand the challenges ahead for the poor without interacting with poor people. And do not…DO NOT…assume that there is an easy fix. American poverty will impact our health care system, retirement, social security reform, disaster preparedness, tax reform, military recruitment/logistics/make-up/existance and education reform…name it and poor people are a key factor.

Lawd, it has been over 30 years since RFK toured Appalachia and this bitch still has to listen to fellow liberals quoting dead communists while failing to grasp the nature of modern poverty.

A bitch is calling on all liberals to step out of that sanctimonious anti-conservative pro-nothing box, lead from a place of knowledge and make ourselves worthy of the word progressive!

How’s that for a 2006 agenda?


Susan D. said...

Can I get an AMEN!!!!

As an employee of a certain federal government agency, I'm badly limited in my ability to take or call for any action, much to my frustration (need to keep that paycheck comin' in!) But I do heed your call to action, and believe me, when I can afford to return to the private sector I will be raising my voice on high...

Hammer said...

Right on!

BTW, we are cooking at CAMP on Jan. 12th...I don't know if you've been attached to the listserve for STLFNB. I'll keep ya posted anyway.

Great Agenda! We missed your bitchy voice!



Anonymous said...

Gee, I thought I could call myself (and your bitchy self too, it seems)progressive to distinguish myself from liberals. If the liberals start calling themselves progressives, then what are we?
Love your blog.

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