Wednesday, January 25, 2006

By request, some thoughts on Condi...

A bitch received an e-mail from a certain Joanna requesting my thoughts on Dr. Condi Rice.

This bitch lived in Texas when Condi burst onto the scene following Scooter’s 2000 Presidential election uh…ummm…well…decisionesque Supreme Court election deciding moment FROM HELL!


And let me tell you, that moment from hell was beyond painful when experienced surrounded by Texans for Bush. Lawd, y’all have no fucking idea!

Anyhoo, many of those same Texans seemed to think that this bitch should be thrilled because Condi was in the Scooter bullpen...

“She’s black! Just like you!”

Yes, she’s black…but she’s not just like this bitch.

A bitch explained that my ass didn’t embrace a person simply because they are black….there’s a little thing called substance that a bitch looks for in all people. And nothing pisses me off more than assumed acceptance based on race.

“But how can you not love Condi? She’s so…well spoken and educated!”

Lawd, give me strength! And so a bitch often replied…“So was Stalin” or something along those lines.

This bitch, being the recipient of many a ‘you speak so well’ comment, rolled my eyes and pondered the act that, in one area, Condi and my ass were in the same boat.

Beyond a bitch’s obvious problems with Condi’s policy positions, eagerness to infuse religion into American politics and general approach to all things, this bitch finds Condi disappointing.

To see a woman who demonstrated so much drive in her early years take a backseat to a person of lesser intelligence is disturbing. It’s her right to do so, but it’s still disappointing. And this is not simply because she is black…it is this same common decision that bother’s a bitch about all of the women behind scooter.

Walk with me a second. My ass isn’t talking about what they believe or advocate, but rather about the fact that they are advocating for an idiot better than the idiot could do for his own ignorant self.

Shit, a bitch hates Ann Coulter with a passion not just because she’s an idiot preaching stale neo-con rhetoric but because she’s willfully sacrificed her acknowledged intellectual chops on behalf of a political movement that would have preferred her barefoot and pregnant to racking up A’s at Cornell. Her thoughts make me gag…her lack of any feminist drive coupled with her inability to see the inconsistency of her rhetoric when contrasted to her life experience is what actually produces the vomit.

But we speak of Condi and my thoughts on her.

This bitch acknowledges Condi’s resume and wishes she didn’t hold herself as if she is holding in a monster shit. But fuck it…who the fuck knows Condi anyway?

All we see is Condi’s vision of what The Man would prefer her to be. Ever grateful and loyal, she’s a throwback to a generation that defined themselves by the acceptance of the powerful…success by being handed the keys to the club...and respect by getting a seat at the table through dedicated assimilation. And judged on that scale Condi is batting a thousand.

A bitch’s opinion is that Condi is a black woman with a certain resume, a certain wardrobe and a certain public poise…who this black woman judges to be wrong in her beliefs, application of those beliefs and continued pandering to The Man.

And when she speaks on his behalf?

Well, she just speaks so well...


Anonymous said...

Since we're asking your opinions on things...

What do you think of Dr. Tony Martin, esp. the
speech included in this video?

(The whole vid. is over an hour long, the bulk of it being
Dr. Martin's speech. I don't so much care what the other
guys have to say, but I wonder what you think about
what Dr. Martin says.)

Hammer said...

Nice. Nice. Nice. Condi is such a tool. I wonder if she (as well as other neo-cons like Coulter) realize how they're being played. Perhaps they've sold their heritage and souls for some quick cash.

Anyway, always good to hear your opinion!



Anonymous said...

I'll take Barbara Jordan any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Miss Condi won't ever be in the same league. But they both speak well...

elle said...

"And let me tell you, that moment from hell was beyond painful when experienced surrounded by Texans for Bush. Lawd, y’all have no fucking idea!"

trust me, ABB, I do. I'm a sister still living in Texas.

you've captured so much of what i feel about dr. rice--people seem astounded when i, a phd hopeful, don't bow down and worship her image. and i think, as smart as she is, part of that image has to be a lie--i just to refuse to believe a southern born-and-bred sister can sincerely smile at all that comes from W's mouth. i don't care what she says, i know, in the back of her mind she's rolling her eyes whe he sticks his foot in it.

at least, i hope she is...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous Sec's said...

And I swim here in the shallow end of my pool.

I, too, am disappointed in Ms. Rice's life choices, but defend her right to make them, no matter how ill-conceived, misguided, and shilling I find them to be. She's the one who will have to face her Maker and when asked "What did you do in life with those marvelous gifts with which I imbued you?" She will have to say "I assured a nation that my boss was choosing the correct path sending our youth to ground he never trod." I don't envy her that meeting.

Hell, I'm dreading confessing that drunken sex brawl I had in the 70s.

Yet splashing about here in the shallow end, I do wonder...really do wonder...can't Condi find a sister who can properly do her hair? In DC? In the name of all that's holy, she's the Secretary of State. Her hair should be slammin'.

Pass me the water wings and I'll swim out deeper.

J said...

Just noticed that you got a shout out from Broadsheet. Yay! That's how I found ABB to begin with, so I'm glad they continue to point people this way, so we can read what you have to are such a talented writer, and we are all humbled. Oh, and smart and funny, too. And I agree with everything I've read so far, which is groovy too. :)

Admin said...

Anonymous said it. If only Barbara Jordan were alive today . . . now she would be on my ultimate dinner party guest list.

Anonymous said...

When Rice was nominated to be SS, I implored both of my U.S. senators, Cantwell and Murray, to filibuster her nomination, as she was derelict in the extreme by failing to impress upon Shrub (yes, I know that's probably not possible) the seriousness of the threat from bin Laden and his like.

Cantwell e-mailed back a boiler plate response explaining her support, in part because Rice is a black woman. I responded, in short, BFD. More important is the fact that Rice is a partisan hack of questionable qualifications, and she most likely lied before the 9/11 Commission.

This was the last straw for me with Cantwell, her staring down Ted Stevens on oil tankers in Puget Sound notwithstanding, and I told her she would not get my vote in 2006.

jOoLz said...


i thot huey freeman was my hero, but he's been bumped to second place. i wish i were half as articulate about the political stuff. when i try, i have my rage on in about 15 seconds.

i got a letter from the local democratic machine (and i live in fucking orange county, fer fuck's sake!) wanting to know if i would consider running for the state assembly, and i was like floored and hell to the no at the same time.

i'd love to do it. i'd even give up the herbal refreshments. but i cannot express myself in the way i'd have to in order to run for office.

it sucks all ass.

thank you so much ABB. i'm gonna have a vodka cran tonight in your honor. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being angry, ABB. When I get angry and try to write it out, it doesn't come out funny or entertaining like you. Stay angry. Ron.

CP said...

Thank the LORD you said what so many think and don't have the balls to say.

"A bitch explained that my ass didn’t embrace a person simply because they are black….there’s a little thing called substance that a bitch looks for in all people. And nothing pisses me off more than assumed acceptance based on race."

Not just race, my beloved ABB! Happens with religion as well. Always have people assuming that I love every Jew on the planet because I am one. Ugh. Get over it. Trash comes in every size, shape, color and religion.

I don't care who you are, what you make a year, who you pray to or what the hell you look like.

If you don't have something more than what I see on the surface, I don't want to know you anyway.



(I still think Condi gets freakin' on the weekend...but who knows.)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Lady ABB -- so beautiful a post, poetry it is. No, better -- music.
But one thing, though -- would you feel the same rage toward Rice's "tak[ing] a backseat to a person of lesser intelligence" and "being handed the keys to the club" if she were just another SWM pol hack?
That's just how things WORK in the political world.
EVERY pol since FDR or at the latest Truman (maybe) has had brighter but less charismatic people doing the thinking for them, while the pol does... well, the politicking. The glad-handing, the backslapping, the speechifying, the sales pitches to the public -- while the brain boys (and now the brain girls) in the back room did all the scut work.
In this, Ms. Rice is no different from ANYONE who's not named Kennedy, Bush, Jackson, Cuomo, Taft, Bayh, etcetcetc.
We can and should hate on her for all the ways she's betrayed her people (in every sense of that word) and continues to do so daily -- but not for just being part of a political world that was the way it was before she got there and will be that way long after (soon, please?) she's gone.

Anonymous said...

I just recently found you. And this black bitch thinks she may have fallen in love with you a little.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so great!Thanks for posting it!

Jeffrey Ricker said...

“But how can you not love Condi? She’s so…well spoken and educated!”

That would be like people saying to me, "But how can you not love Hitler? He was... a vegetarian!"

Oy. Vey.

I will say that she looks killer in that black dress sitting at the piano, but that's a sad role for a woman of her caliber to have to play: the entertainment. Such a waste.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking. It helps--the other side. Angry blabbering has done more to promote the conservative agenda than anything Karl Rove has come up with. Throwing mud at everyone on the Bush team while never suggesting a viable alternative; never acknowledging what the "mainstream" really is (all races mainstream), that just makes people walk away. Such unproductive negativism has already resulted in not-insignificant numbers of African Americans leaving the Democrat party. Once there's substantial movement there, the Democrats will cease to exist.

So keep talking.

monkey said...

it's easy to bash from behind the cloth providing anonymity.

jeezuz, anon, your post sounded like a sound-bite for fox news. why don't you host your own blog that i'm sure, would be oh-so "fair and balanced".

Anonymous said...

She's a Cylon. And she really is out to get us.

Anonymous said...


You hit the nail on the head concerning Condi's generation. That group of black folk who are my parents, my uncles and aunts, my principals, my professors at HBCU's and "mainstream" institutions have a stiff upper lip concerning success and acceptence into American society. "You must be 110 percent in order to be considered average." How many times have you heard that.

Success is measured on perfection and being absolutely "correct" around white folk of power. I think Condi is last century's all-star player of this game. From the hair, to the language, to the suit, to the congressional hearings, to the tar top runways of the world.

And to Anonymous two hits above:

I smell pooh! If you are willing to judge debates concerning how power is administered in the this country by only measuring policy against policy and not according to the merit of those that exercise power then you are setting yourself up to be lied to on a regular bases.

Yes, we want safe borders, 0 terrorism and a viable solution to the oil crisis that continues to boil. But now we are living under an administration that has many dubious connections to oil producing cartels and to energy companies like Enron, not to mention a hand in the pot of government contracts dealing with the crisises in Iraq and New Orleans. I do not find the the problem solving techniques of the current administration to be creditable in anyway. Especially if they feel they must perform an "illegal search and seisure" in order to protect us from "illegal search and seisure."

OK, we got the idea that the Democratic party is impotent. But, I do not believe that the debate that we are having here concerns the Democratic party, and I am not sure how many people here identitfy with the Democratic Party anyway. So, Anonymous, I must ask you to think outside of the box. There is more than one way to skin a cat. There is more than one way of making a political analysis beside the juvenile idea of a Republican (Elephant) versus Democratic (Donkey) election that is conducted with the fanfare of my high school homecoming.

Condi is following a patter of assimilation that has been forming for centuries within our society. There is no need to think that this discussion about Condi Rice is about black and white folk and the star-spangled banner. It is about a whole culture and history of Black representation versus the administration of power in terms of politics,general mobility and social acceptence.

Read and learn.

Anonymous said...

and yet another thing about Condi that burns me up: her hectoring, lecturing, I-am-right-and-you-are-so-stupidly-wrong tone of voice. She is such an angry woman - is it because she has chosen to fasten her lips to W's rear?

Francesca said...

Good points! Good post!

AOB said...

Well shit. I was thinking more along the lines of "who does the white man send when he really needs to get the job done?"


If its Hillary versus Condi in the Presidential election the black women will go with HIllary and the white women will go with my my how things have changed.

Gotta love it...ya know?

Anonymous said...


Whoever the hell you are, this woman is dealing with real life than you or Ms. Rice EVER, EVER will. In case you haven't read the rest of her blog, she volunteers with teenagers quite often. If that's not far from the "Real World" show on MTV, I don't know what is. You sound better with a pussy in you mouth, asshole. Go back to the cave where you came from!

Anonymous said...

Covict Rice (and not soon enough!) is nothing but a HO Bitch Cunt! There is blood on her hands just like the rest of the Nazis in Washington!

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