Monday, August 15, 2005

The wall? Yeah, a bitch just hit it...!

A bitch has hit that wall. You know what my ass is talking about, the evil wall of extreme exhaustion that slams into your ass just when you would normally be getting your second wind. All the worry and fretting about my brother’s job has worn my ass out!


Nothing to do but read other people’s blogs!

How do you say bitch in Swedish?
A bitch was fascinated when my ass received a comment from PissedOffPencil. POP is…well, a pissed of Swede. My ass followed POP’s comment to see what all this pissedoffedness was about, but was thwarted by my inability to read Swedish! Since a bitch refuses to believe English is the only language of blogs, my ass spent several hours trying to translate Swedish into English…and let my ass tell you, that shit is no motherfucking joke! Swedish is very pretty to look at on the screen, but not a language this bitch is going to master anytime soon. Honestly, my ass bullshat my way through five years of Latin so that I wouldn’t have to take a verbal language test.

So, imagine my surprise when POP posted a comment today with a link to the English version of the very Swedish PissedOffPencil! Thank you POP, my favorite AngrySwede. Since my ass respects the diversity of language and culture, this bitch shall endeavor to learn several curse words in Swedish!

Keep on keepin it real, Sistah Maven!
NuggetMaven is always a good read, but her ass took it to another level today…a bitchified level that my ass truly appreciates. Go on with your bad self, Maven!

Boadwee Blog for the People!
Brother Boadwee’s Boadwee Blog is a favorite of this bitch. And my ass was thrilled to read this and see that Boadwee is channeling that inner bitch! Can I get an Amen?

And finally, a Canadian blog…
This bitch adores Canada. My ass hasn’t visited very much, but Tim Horton Doughnuts and Smarties are to die for!

Today my ass decided to see what my neighbors to the north were up to! Brother down in Toronto, you didn’t have to go there with the homemade Mac & Cheese! A bitch now has to have some…mayhap a trip to Delmonico’s is in order. Shit! My ass can’t cook Mac & Cheese for shit!

Somehow knowing that Canadians dream about the same yummy food stuff that my ass does is a comfort to me...



Riz said...

Very informative blog site. Added to bookmarks.

I have a Minka Aire Ceiling Fan site/blog. It pretty much covers Minka Aire Ceiling Fan related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time.

monkey said...

what in the figgety fuck?

i was in the mood for a good rant, or perhaps some witty accolade for abb, and see a link to ceiling fans, and pretty much all ceiling fan related stuff.

way to self-promote and plug your shit. but really, wtf?

Anonymous said...

yes you do have Canadia readers from Montreal. I really enjoy your "bitchness" he he he he

It is refreshing to see a sistah tell it like it is. Sending you some Tim hortons coffee and a few boxes of smarties !!

cheers from Montreal

Maven said...

LOL@Figgety Fuck! And I concur!! Gotta love these self promoters... have had a few post in my comments section, too. Perhaps might elevate to a different, more spam-resistant comments section.

Thanks ABB for the linkback lovin'!!! And for the links to these cool blogs:)

Moxie said...

I've lost one or two previous postings during previous attempts to send a note, so I hope this bloody works!

You completely have me on the floor pissing my pants with some of your comments! I love the way you write and your overall take on things. One thing, tho: I sense I had better not read too much from your blog before or during my time at the office or I'm sure to bitch-slap the first person to piss me off! lol

I'll deffo keep coming back!!!

(Angry Black Bitches Unite!....Shit, we need T-shirts!)

aroses said...

Another Canadian fan, from Toronto. I just love the way you tell it ABB. I am going to try and see what Boadwee is about, meaning where do I find it?
Keep saying.

PissedOffPencil said...

LOL! Thanks a lot for mentioning me and my efforts to translate swedish anger into english.

To help you with the cursing lessons there are some things I should mention: We have three letters that can cause a problem and these letter are å, ä, ö.

Now, "å" is pronounced much like the vowel sounds in the english words "stole", "or" and "ore".

The letter "å" standing just by itself means "small river".

"ä" sounds like the combined sound "ai" in "hair".

Finally the letter "ö" is pronounced like... Well, actually I can't think of any english word that contains that specific sound except for the sound that Homer Simpson often makes, eg. "D-uh" without the "D".

And, the letter "ö" by itself means "island". :)

Lesson over.

And keep up the good work!

Btw, I found some american women who have moved to Sweden and who have their own blog.

To get to their personal blogs you only have to click on their names.

On the other hand, there seems to be no one from Philadelphia...

CrankyProf said...

Preach it, Sister ABB! The Philadelphia Chapter of the UCoBaLDD is getting down in the amen corner.

That wall is a fucking bitch this week. I'm still working the Rosary for your brother, too. Is Chik-Fil-A going under, or what?

LOVE the blog; LOVE the suggestions!

Shark-Fu said...


A link to Boadwee Blog is listed to your right on the screen...


Sann said...

Hey I wonder if ABB needs some additional stress relievers (in addition to vodka/cran, cigs and advils--2 outta 3 of these are my personal favorites too)maybe ABB could take up a hobby--is ABB crafty at all? I tell ya, my knitting keeps me sane a good deal of the time and it keeps a clock out of my hand so I won't have to pistol whip these idiots and work

brother said...

Hey ABB,

Glad we were able to connect on the Mac and Cheese issue.

And what's this? No Smarties in the US of A?

Brother feels for you, my friend.

Take care!

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