Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always gotten on my nerves. There's just something wrong about setting aside one day to be romantic or tell that special someone that you love them. It seems like we have to schedule our emotions based on the monthly reminders sent out through the Hallmark marketing machine. Whatever happened to sincere acts of affection or love?

Angry Black Bitch is issuing a Valentine's Day challenge! Be nice when you feel like it, not when the calendar prompts you to. Tell people you care, but only if you really do. And don't buy flowers because you are supposed to - buy them because you want to.

So, Happy Valentine's Day! This Angry Black Bitch is doing the same thing today that I do every Valentine's Day - pampering the hell out of myself and showering affection on me, myself and I.

Looking for love? Start with yourself!

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