Monday, November 05, 2012

Happy Monday before Election Day, y’all!

This is my favorite time of year.

I love how the leaves change colors…the crisp chill in the air…and the fact that political advertising comes to an end after tomorrow!

Longtime readers know that I have taught voter education classes at area shelters for years.  I was too busy with work and more work and some personal family business to teach the classes this year.  Thankfully, other volunteers stepped up and did a fantabulous job!

Teaching voter education is a joy.  Teaching it to women who are extremely vulnerable to the games politicians like to play is an honor. 

My favorite part of voter education classes is walking students through what each section of government is supposed to do.  I’m forever amazed at how many folk don’t know the power held by state assemblies.  I can tell you that, when it comes to shit going on under the dome, what you don’t know will bite you in the ass and not let go. 


On Election Day four years ago, I had just voted and was in line at a local coffee shop to score some mocha flavored yumminess before heading to work.  I was so focused on the menu above the register that I didn’t realize the barista was a former student until she said my name.  I remembered her instantly.  She had been slow to warm up to the voter education class, but she was hooked once she realized that she could call her Alderwoman and actually get a call back.  By the time the session ended, she was registered to vote and organizing a letter writing campaign to protest proposed cuts to Medicaid funding. 

And there she was a few years later, proudly announcing that she already voted.


I never asked who she voted for…I make it a rule to not mix spin into my classes. 

Instead, I trust in a bit of truth my Grandmother once told me....

When someone puts a wolf in charge of guarding the chickens, they either don’t know shit about wolves or they hate chickens.


Have a great Monday, y’all!

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Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

Given how things went the last time the crazy people in this country put ideological conservatives in charge, I'm starting to think that this crop of conservatives want "smaller government" for the same reason criminals want smaller police departments.

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