Thursday, November 08, 2012


Before we jump in…

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Longtime readers know that I’m an activist who blogs.  This election season’s work took me offline more than on, so I haven’t had a lot of time to write.  I’ve missed y’all!  But the results were worth it.

One of the privileges of being an activist is getting a feel for how folk feel on the ground.  Beyond the polls…in the real…it was clear months ago that there was a strong disconnect between the GOP’s policy agenda and what the masses want government to focus on. 

In 2010 the GOP had some serious mid-term success.  They pitched a traditional conservative package of fiscal responsibility and lots of voters took the bait. 

But jobs aren’t hiding in women’s lady bits.

The economy will not be fixed by violating women with vaginal probes.

Calling women who support access to birth control without a co-pay "sluts" ain’t gonna win a damn thing but our boot in your political ass.

I’ve watched pundits pontificate about how the GOP lost and I can’t help but shake my head.

This isn’t rocket science any more than the polls were skewed.

Attacking, taunting, mocking, and disrespecting the American voter is not a path to victory.

Insulting and verbally abusing American women is not the path to our vote.

And the best way to win on the economy is to propose some shit that will actually support the workers who are the engine that keeps it going.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Tis clear that the same folk who got the math wrong on the polls are fucking up the post election analysis too.

I’m hearing a lot of delusional bullshit about how the GOP lost because they weren’t conservative enough…they didn’t oppose reproductive justice, labor, social programs, immigration, the right to vote, or public education hard enough.

This is basic math, y’all.

When you add a track record of flawed domestic and foreign policies to a freakish anti-woman agenda it will always equal defeat.

One way or the other.

Either by creating chaos in communities that elected you to serve or by pissing the masses off so much that they’ll stand in line for 6 hours just to vote your ass out of office.



Anonymous said...

It's interesting that some GOPers are saying that they haven't "courted minorities enough." It's goes WAY BEYOND not courting us. They have made it clear that they don't care about us, that they don't consider us to be Americans, that they believe we all want a handout, and that they think we're losers. Until their policies start reflecting otherwise, they're not going to get any non-self hating minorities into their tent.

charmngbilly said...

now, this is some serious preaching. i'll quote an old Shaker hymn: "press on, press on!"

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Hand to Gawd, it seems like some of them think the only solution to having their head in the sand these past few years is to push it in deeper. The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

Happy days are here again. Pre election I was hopeless, now I feel we have finally really won something. The evil ones lost.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you hard work and perspective! I showed some friends the last part of this post, and they loved it. Keep on keeping on. -david-

NancyP said...

I was an election observer at the Normandy City Hall polling place. Chatting with folks in line, I heard comments to the effect of "voter suppression just made me mad". It warmed my heart (unfortunately not the rest of me ;) ) to see enthusiastic voters, including first timers as well as folks hobbling in despite emphysema or bad hips.

Anonymous said...

Four more years :)

Tameka said...

Some of the best lines ever on a blog:

"But jobs aren’t hiding in women’s lady bits."

"The economy will not be fixed by violating women with vaginal probes."

"Calling women who support access to birth control without a co-pay "sluts" ain’t gonna win a damn thing but our boot in your political ass."

Quite simply: Thank you!

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