Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On the Petraeus resignation + unsanctified man-on-woman sex + General Allen + shirtless FBI agent + classified shit found on a computer scandal...

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

I feel cheated!

If we’re going to have a CIA then I want a real CIA with a Director who is all creepy and full of secrets.  You know, the kind of person who has his assistant burn all documents related to all manner of shit 15 minutes after his death.

I want a CIA Director who could look me in the eye and tell me in French that he’s a small 20-year-old Russian woman and have my ass buying that shit without pause!

At a minimum, I expect a CIA Director who has the skills to pull off an affair without it blowing up through basic fuck ups that make this whole mess look like a segment of a Maury "Cheaters Revealed!" show.

Petraeus failed at basic Charles Kuralt shit, people!  That man had two families for damn near 30 years and that secret held until his death. 

Pause…consider Kuralt as CIA Director…shudder…continue.

Anyhoo, I agree that the media needs to cease the sex policing bullshit.

But in this case, a resignation + unsanctified man-on-woman sex + General Allen + shirtless FBI agent + classified shit found on a computer scandal revealed that a certain former CIA Director had a deficiency of covert skills that one should not accept from the head of all things covert and shadow government-based.

***gets distracted by pictures of Jill Kelley and her twin flashing on Good Morning America***

One more thing...Scott Glenn totally has to play the General in the movie…just sayin!



D. said...

I so wanted to be a spy when I was young because I thought I could keep secrets.


(There's a story I wanted to tell, but filing off the serial numbers pretty much leaves me with no story.)

Wonkette has a .gif of a guy eating popcorn, by the way.

Shark-Fu said...

LOL! Now I'm craving popcorn!

Hattie said...

Yeah, where's the romance?

Maven said...

I love the irony of his lack of covert-ability when he was the head of all things covert. Hilarious.

Redeye said...

Meanwhile our troops are fighting, dying and/or being maimed for life in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hattie said...

Nothing in cyberspace is secret.

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