Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That doesn’t smell like liberty to me…

Nothing screams “liberty” like a law taking health care decisions from the individual and giving them to that individual’s employer!

Yeah, that shit doesn’t sound right to me either.

The problem is that the majority in the Missouri Assembly thought voted to pass that bullshit off as protecting liberty when they voted to pass SB 749 this session.

You may not have heard of SB 749…but you need to take a moment and explore the texture and density so you know it for the stank pile of panderific bullshit that it is.

SB 749 assumes that government needs to protect employers from workers.  SB 749 goes about that by granting employers the right to deny healthcare coverage for birth control and sterilization based on that employer’s personal moral objection.

Pause…allow the bizarreness of that shit to marinate…continue.

It didn’t matter to legislators that birth control is healthcare and has been legal for decades.

It didn’t matter to them that workers have some liberty of their own to protect.

And they sure as shit didn’t factor in the fact that even insurance companies opposed this wretched shit.

Nothing mattered as much as pandering to the Bishops and those who want to thumb their nose at the Obama Administration.

So, now we’ve got a stinking piece of legislation gathering flies on the Governor’s desk…and a demand from we the people that he dust off his pen and give us the veto we deserve.

No word yet from Governor Nixon on what he plans to do…and I’m more than a wee bit disturbed that he didn’t announce a veto right off the bat.

But here we are and there it is.

SB 749 is another steaming example that state government isn’t always working on behalf of the people and that elections matter.

If you’re not a Missourian, don’t gloat…odds are some sort of wretched anti-individual bill is working or has worked it's way through your state government’s intestinal track too.

And if you have any doubt of the power of the conservative religious lobby to craft policy and regulate your life regardless of your values…

…follow the flies then breathe in and get a good sniff of what their new legislative product.

Makes your eyes water, don’t it?



Susan said...

Sounds like y'all are heading back into a plantation culture.
Don't despair - the bastards can't win, because the arc is bending toward justice.

a.eye said...

I would like to believe this won't be signed into reality.

But, I am a realist, and know what my fellow-Missourians will vote for and know that the Gov will do what his people want him to do.

Hopefully, he thinks with his mind rather than with his party.

TomZ said...

"the stank of panderific bullshit..."

oh...you made me snort coffee out my nose...

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