Monday, February 27, 2012

Pre game changer pivotal as hell and this time they mean it primary pondering…

Thank you to everyone who offered happy birthday wishes last week – y’all are the best!

I just got back in town from a fantabulous trip to New York, NY…were C-Money and I got to try our hand at following maps (shhhhh…she’s better at it but if you tell her I’ll deny, deny, and deny)…and we took in the theater (The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs…loved it…4 ½ Afro fluffs out of 5)…and then we drank and drank and drank some more with my pal from college (yay, Toni!!).

Anyhoo, I’m sure there are lots of people who are doing Oscar posts…but I’m going to listen to the advice of a former hairdresser who said that if you only have rotten things to say about something save it for a happy hour.


Tomorrow is another primary day…and it is important...pivotal…a possible game changer, damnit!

And the choir asked… “Um, why does this primary matter so damn much?”

And a bitch replied… “So glad you asked!!”

The pundits say... Michigan matters because Romney was born there and he has to win, he just has to.

Romney says… Michigan matters because I offered the highest bid for it and I have to win, I just have to.

Santorum says… Michigan matters because I got a vision from above that the de-education anti-college anti-knowledge movement must begin there AND I got a text from the Bishops ordering me to kick-off the No Uterus Left Behind plan in the Upper Peninsula.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Newt Gingrich says (cheerfully)…Fuck all y’all! I ain’t leaving until someone begs me not to leave!



SimplyStated said...

This is the first time in my life that I have looked at the Reublican party and felt nothing but disgust. Even as an independent, in the past I have always been able to point out a few members of the GOP who I could possibly tolerate. Not anymore and the person whose feet I lay most of the blame at is John McCain. When he sold out in 2008 and went far right nutzso he opened up the door for all wing nuts to step forward. The fact that he would put a loony-tuner like Palin a heartbeat away from the WH showed he lost all reason and just wanted to be president at any cost.

And that’s what we see today in the GOP. This is a group of people still not believing a black, non-American sounding named guy took them out in less than 3 rounds. The GOP was so desparate to regain prominment they let the racist Tea Party take over and made their small, extreme, religious frantical right wing base the basis for all thing future. And again, that same small, extreme right wing base wants anybody but the black guy in there as long as they blah-blah religious crap, denounce education and take direct aim at women, immigrants, and gays and low income folks of color (Notice how Sanctimous whenever he refers to food stamps makes a point of saying “Blacks” and/or “minorities Like there are no white people using food stamps?

And of course Little Ricky doesn’t want educated people…because educated people can smell a mile a way…and I can smell Senor Santorum’s fake, religious nutcase stink all the way over here in Colorado.

And want they really don’t want is Romney…cause they know he’s just pandering because he too wants to be president at any cost. And that’s the big problem with all of them, they want to be BMOC at any cost…they don’t give a about all Americans…they only care about acquiring power to force their religion and politics on the rest of us.

Their scary but their also not that plentiful in numbers and I feel it’s our job to make sure it stays that way. People are not coming out to vote for these losers in any big numbers…in fact the numbers are patheic. And the fact that Mittens is in a neck and neck race to win his own home state says it all. If he only wins Michigan by a small amount ovey Snake Sandy, to me it will still count it as a defeat.

What the assh.les need to do is buy an island and lord it all over the monkies and each other.

Anonymous said...

lol@ Simply stated. Well stated... This country is a hot mess, because at the end of it all, it's not the candidates to blame, but voters.

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