Wednesday, February 08, 2012



A certain Rick Santorum has swept a grouping of primaries, including my home state of Missouri’s non-binding $7 million dollar why-the-fuck-did-this-primary-happen primary.

As political pundits freak the fuck out and try to make the case that Santor-mentum is what they thought would happen all along, this bitch is doing a happy dance in my couch-based area.

No, I’m not a Santorum fan.

Ugh…that’d be like 75% weather being a fan of blizzards.

Nope, I’m dancing in my couch-based area because the gods of blog content have blessed me with a continuation of the GOP nominee selection process!

I was worried…even doubtful…after Newt’s Newt-based behavior started to turn off everyone except the fringe to the right of Cruella De Vil.

But I shouldn’t have doubted…

…or forgotten that Santorum was making all sorts of noise that he is in this to win this and totally prepared to go down in an angry homophobic race-baiting explosion of no-sex-for-pleasure frothified hate.

***pours cup of coffee while chanting thanks to the gods of blog content in hopes for a three candidate Newt/Romney/Santorum floor fight at the GOP convention***


SimplyStated said...

I bet the "poor people" are looking mighty goody to Mitt "Lindy Loophole" Romney..probably wishes he now cared enough about them to get some votes from them.

I said it before and I'll say it again...Romney is losing states he carried last time and the voter turn out for these primaries is still way below 2008 figures.

I like your idea of a 3-way floor fight, but what I think would be even better is a 3 way floor fight between Slick Oil Salesman Romney, Sanctified and Old Cranky Man.

That way Newt"Your Cheatin' Heart" Gangrene could continue to run as an independent and we'd have something akin to a drive by shooting going on before the all dust settled on the convention floor.

Maybe Newt could ask Palin to speak for him at an event...that way she could point out that she will be able to can see the moon colony he wants to build from her backyard.

Ya Betcha! "Wink!" Wink!

Cassandra said...

At this point, I think President Obama will be able to beat any of the Repub candidates (Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or Paul), so I love the extended primary season. It would be nice if Santorum won though since there is no way in hell that he can win the middle -- he's way too extreme.

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