Friday, October 01, 2010

Allergitis Ebolaficus Nasticus…

Holy shit, my allergies are out of control!

A bitch has been a sneezing wheezing mucus producing mess for a week.

And the leaking eyes…that itch when they aren’t leaking.

And the itchy ears…that are clogged up when they aren’t itching.

Fuck a duck, I can’t wait for the first serious frost to come along and kill whatever it is that has called down this allergitis ebolaficus nasticus!




***logs off to get my Neti Pot on***


tata said...

Are you feeling any better?

My verification word is 'person.' That is perfect, since I am one!

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks for asking! I'm in bed trying to sleep this out of my system, but I do feel a little better. Thanks!

Berdawn said...

I've had great success fighting my allergies by taking a teaspoon of local bee pollen each morning. It's not perfect, but I take an allegra maybe twice a month as opposed to daily with bendryl for "breakthrough snottiness"

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