Friday, October 08, 2010

On a much lighter note…hockey is back!

  It’s Friday, damn it!
I’m going to the Blues home opener tomorrow and they’re unveiling the new Bret Hull statue!
Longtime readers know that this bitch is a HUGE fan on the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club and the long wait for the return of NHL hockey is finally over.
This bitch will be sporting my Berglund jersey (three cheers for the Swede!!!) as I cheer on my beloved Blues when they face off against the Flyers at Scottrade.
Hockey is back and a bitch is beyond pleased!


BrentSTL said...

And hasn't The Note looked great in their first two games?!? Especially that beatdown they gave Anaheim Monday!

Still 80 games to go but I'm very much encouraged.

Shark-Fu said...

Yes, I'm trying not to read too much into it...but the Blues are playing beautiful hockey!!!

Oh, and a certain Jaroslav Halak is everything I hoped for and more!!

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