Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On discussing what they don’t want to discuss…

Shall we?

For the record, social issues are public policy issues.

When Carl P. Paladino (the Tea Party dude running for Governor in New York) says he’d like to move on from discussing his anti-gay rant and back to discussing public policy…well, he’s indulging in a public display of ig’nance over the job he covets.

Paladino is not alone.

Many candidates are working their asses off to avoid any discussion of social issues for fear that they many turn off independent voters.  They toss a wink at the base and then focus on the [insert policy issue that polls say turns on independent voters here].

But should these candidates win their elections, they will have a say in all manner of public policy issues…and a lot these candidates have yet to be asked a question about their stand on them.

For example, conservative Ed Martin of the “Emails? What emails?!?” Martins is running for Congress.  Martin often spouts off about his values…but a lot of voters don’t know what those values are.

Ed Martin is solidly anti-choice…even to the point of opposing access to birth control.

Pause…allow to marinate…continue.

And the choir asked…"Bitch, did you just say birth control?”

And a bitch replied...Yes, birth control.

Martin would restrict access to birth control and emergency contraception.  He thinks pharmacists should be allowed to refuse to fill prescriptions for the pill.

So, while some independent voters may find false comfort in Martin’s opposition to health care reform, folks in the 3rd Congressional district may want to explore the hypocrisy of Martin’s values in practice.

He’s all for putting patients in the drivers seat when it means repealing the health care reform law that would cover the thousands of Missourians he was party to denying coverage just a few years ago…

…but he totally supports having government grab the wheel if a woman goes to the pharmacy to get her prescription for the pill filled.

Trust a bitch - Ed Martin’s values as policy would cause health care chaos and roll back patient rights to the Dark Ages.

But hey…so far he’s dodged having to discuss that shit or his involvement in the infamous mystery of those magically missing emails.

Sadly, the electorate has to wait for a verbal malfunction to find out where a candidate really stands.



Elusis said...

Let's not leave out the odious Ken Buck, Senate candidate from Colorado, with his charming views on a woman's right to say no to sex:

Anonymous said...

Good pointing out there. Let us also not forget Joe Miller, Tea Party chosen candidate for U.S. Senate, Alaska. He declares that social security, welfare, health care, unemployment benefits, Medicare/Medicaid are "unconstitutional". And because he is such a fine defender of said document, over the past weekend he had his private security men handcuff a reporter who was trying to ask about Joe's ill-fated stint as public attorney for Fairbanks' North Star Borough. To date, Joe has not offered to pay back the unemployment bennies that his wife received when she was laid off.
-- Owlie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Toni Bond for directing me to this right-on incredible blog. You are a must read for all women!

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