Friday, April 09, 2010

Radical my black ass…



Give Theo the sorta-beagle a nice belly rub.


A bitch is radical...or so I've been told (wink).

Obviously…since I’m an activist…I’d like to see the world reset itself so that my values aren’t so damn radical and my ass doesn’t have to get militant on shit.

But, at present, a bitch is what I am and the world is mostly fubar.

A lot of folks on the right and some Stupakian motherfuckers who have been allowed to pitch tents on the edge of the left (Gawd forbid the move all the way in) have been making noise about how radical President Obama is…how he’s a militant and a Socialist and blah followed by blah followed by another fucking blah.



Yeah right…I wish!


I wish Obama had pushed through single payer health care reform.

I wish the masses had demanded that shit instead of embracing fear despite the realities on the ground then bitching about the moderate as hell reforms that Obama managed to push through.

I wish the wars were over and our troops were home.  And I sure as hell wish the masses demanded that shit.

I wish the masses would get their rally on to protest religious leaders writing federal legislation, lobbying against birth control and generally working their religious asses off to turn dogma into law.

I wish CNN had the opportunity to show hour after hour of video of anti-poverty marchers descending on D.C. and speaking truth to power.

I wish anchors on CNN called bullshit on homophobic freaks masquerading as experts who preach that gay is a disease and they’ve got the cure rather than provide a platform for that shit.


I wish there was a whole lot more radical out there…so much radical that radical was mainstream and this bitch could spend time working to keep shit that way.

But that is not the case anymore than Obama is a radical.



Give Theo the sorta-beagle another belly rub.


Do you know how conservative your ass has to be to even think Obama is radical?

Yeah…uh huh…your ass has to be so far to the right that you can see folks on the left out your damn window!



j0lt said...

Spot on.

Rileysdtr said...

But of course Obama is radical.... He married a black woman, didn't he?

On a slightly more serious note, anyone who believes the President has a socialist agenda he will force down the Country's throat (or up another orifice) has not paid attention to the legislation. They have been too busy paying attention to the (x)mongers; too intellectually lazy to perform their own due diligence.

Same with those "on the left" who follow blindly; I am socially left-wing, and am uncomfortable with some of Obama's policies. I agreed every once in a while with Bush II. I even voted for Reagan (yes, I know, that adds to my time in Purgatory, but still...)

When the white board on my office wall is not otherwise in use, I use it to post quotations. My current choice is Edith Sitwell's: "I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it."

Kelley said...

No, no, it's not how conservative do you have to be to think Obama is a radical, it's how stupid do you have to be. Though in my personal opinion, it's one and the same.

Alliyah Gallows said...


Or the "Obamas are socialists."

No, hon...they're millionaires.

berdawn said...

Bitch, you just MADE my afternoon.
(lifts the the hand that will have a glass in it after 6pm)

Nat said...

Funny. you know if Obama were to run in Canada his policies would be more in line with our conservatives. Well the more left leaning kinder gentler used-to-be Tories anyway...

(Stephen Harper scares me.)

Jeannette said...

Obama is cool, but progressive he is not! Right-wingers are just too far away in crazyland to see how middle-of-the-road Obama is.

Valkyrie607 said...

Well, actually, Obama is kinda radical... But radical in the right-wing vein, unfortunately. I'm referring to his administration's announcement that he has the right, as president, to condemn an American citizen to death without a trial or sentencing.

Even Bush, with his radical right-wing interpretations of executive power, never claimed that much power.

As a left-wing voter who gave my vote to Obama on the understanding that he would follow through on his campaign promise and reign in the Bush era executive power grabs, I'm more than disappointed. I'm betrayed.

libhom said...

Obama's politics have more in common with those of Republicans than liberals. Radicals are a whole other story.

Unknown said...

I believe he is doing the best that is possible. He cannot wave a magic wand and make things happen...and since the supreme court decision we who do NOT want to move backwards need to dig deeper into our pockets or we will have Palin or Gingrich and a bunch of their buddies in Congress where the reality of things happen. It is unreasonable to expect the world or our many of our countrymen, considering how ill educated the voters are about the constitution to agree to everything we want. But there is a start and room to build IF we elect Dem Congress(wo)men. I want Universal health care too But I now have two gransons who can get insurance and one of them has diabetes

Mermama said...

I love you darling, for stating the glaringly obvious. Thank you for saying exactly what I've been saying... as much as I adore the fact that he is articulate, and intelligent... and let's face it.. downright HOT... he is just a little right of Clinton;)

Tezcatlipoca said...

Radical has simply become a codeword, a tool for marginalization. That's why Obama is being called a radical and why people should be confronted when they throw this label at others.

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