Friday, April 02, 2010

By request – is a bitch a diva?

Shall we?

A certain Mary from way down under in Sydney (hello Australia!) sent this bitch an email asking me whether I consider myself a diva.

Well, that’s the first time I’ve been asked that question!

A bitch is a bitch, but I don’t want to be a diva nor do I consider myself a diva.  We’re not talking about opera divas…like the fantabulous Maria Callas.  We’re talking about divas among us…more along the lines of certain celebrities who have a reputation for being difficult in a bad way.

Confession - this bitch is often “difficult” in a good way.  When it comes to my activism, I believe in speaking my mind…I have expectations and I hold those in power accountable.  As the recent home training fail demonstrated by Missouri legislators in response to an animal rights group’s activism in lobbying against a horse slaughter bill, those in power aren’t used to and don’t appreciate hearing from the masses…thus, they find those of us who do it “difficult”.

But that doesn’t make me a diva.

I’ve been wrong (rarely…very rarely…like Haley’s Comet!) and, thank the gods, I have people in my life that will look me in the eye and tell me my ass is wrong.  More importantly, I work hard to be the kind of person who can hear that shit and appreciate the spirit in which it has been given…rather than fluff my Afro and tell folks to kiss my black ass.

Divas, in my opinion, lack self-confidence.  Oh, I know that they appear to be confident as a motherfucker…but I find their random tests of adoration rather telling and extremely annoying…like when Madonna demanded a present from Warren Beatty in Truth or Dare then bragged when she got one.

That ain’t me.

But I know that some folks have reclaimed divadom as a positive thang…more of a celebration of self than a manipulation of others.  I suppose that’s okay, but since my personal experience with divas has been that they are vain materialistic insecure pains in the ass…well, it’ll take some time for me to transition to that revised definition.

Anyhoo, at present time a bitch does not consider myself a diva.

Hell, I’m still refining my bitchitude...this shit ain't easy!




IseultTheIdle said...

The only good diva is a drag queen, and even then only a drag queen with a sense of fun.

Anonymous said...

In my understanding, the "Diva" label comes with the implication that the person so described is all about herself(/himself).
As you said, that ain't you.

Anonymous said...

You are a diva in the positive sense that I understand it:

A diva is a badass bitch with self-confidence and a powerful presence who possesses a trait known as "fierceness", which in fagspeak is a positive trait.

You are pretty fierce, and you do seem to have (justifiable) self-confidence. Your writing indicates badass-ness that is off the charts too.

By that definition, you are a diva's diva.

If, however, "diva" = Mariah Carey then no, that ain't you.

Sharon/BabyBoomerQueen said...


"Diva" a word picked up by those who are afraid of being a true bitch or are afraid of speaking out...

The want-a-be's.



tata said...

We must each choose our words and define ourselves, without compromise or apology. Someone asking about words other than the ones you have chosen may not be trying to rewrite you.

Anonymous said...

Let me add my two cents the "Southern Diva" as in Leontyne Price... no bitch here. I hear ya!

Sirkka´s photo and art said...

The "Diva" word can have so many different meanings, depending of the situation. I say, just go on beeing a bitch. :o)

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL your blog is funny. I have long been a 'bitch' and earned my 'sistah' card 25 years ago.

I will be a 'bitch' til the day I die, then become cremated dust, dumped in the chicken bathing holes, and haunt my family til the end of days.



Thanks for the laughs
Happy Easter

SouthlandDiva said...

Bitch has more than one connotation...positive and negative. The same applies to Diva. Diva can be defined as an accomplished singer/performer or as an accomplished woman in general; which is how I rock my Diva-dom!


Shark-Fu said...

Ah hah, Southland Diva - good point! A bitch shall approach the word diva in that spirit...and apply context as well.

A fluff of the 'fro to you and keep on rockin'!

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