Monday, January 05, 2009

To seat or not to seat…

A bitch took a nice break from the internets over the holidays and caught up on doing nothing…and watching movies…and watching hockey…oh, and sleep.


It was fantabulous, but I missed y’all…I truly did!

Shall we?

A certain Roland Burris will head to Washington for a meet and greet with Senate Democratic leaders this week.


Okay, okay…this clearly won’t be a nice meeting between friends. Senate Democratic leaders are likely going to try to stall seating Burris so that Blago can be impeached and replaced with someone who will then have to decide whether to withdraw the Burris nod or offer forth someone who can win a Senate race (translation – raise a shitload of money).

Burris is probably going to force their hand.

A bitch can just see it…71 year old Burris sporting an I Am a Senator sign attempts to enter the Senate only to be refused entrance at the door.

Oh and Bobby Rush would have to be there for the pre and post event press conferences.

Merciful Gawd.

Even Senator Reid conceded that there is room to negotiate and that there is a possibility that Burris will ultimately be seated…after drama followed by drama followed by more drama.


And Mr. Franken appears to be headed for Washington.


Al Franken will be declared the winner of the Minnesota Senate race, but that shit is going to face legal challenges that will delay the settling of his ass on a Senate chamber chair for some time.

All this ass hovering non-seating is making a bitch’s Afro spin!



Hi there, {waves}

I don't remember stopping by her on New Year's Day to bring greetings so...{raised glass of sparkling cider} "Happy New Year!"

Burris is absolutely qualified to hold the Senate seat...more qualified than Barack was when Barack too that seat. Burris is a seasoned politico and a consensus builder.

A crook just appointed him and he will SOON wipe off that taint. He has a reputation that stands solidly on his own.

He's 71 years old and this is his last run in the end zone! I know he will be unforgettable!

(I worked on his mayoral campaign when he ran against Daley so I suppose I am a bit biased.)

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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Miss Trudy said...

I was surprised that Franken won too, and will be looking forward to what goes down now. BTW, the shameless plug of Black Women Blow the Trumpet worked, at least I did vote for her! ;o)

J. Clarence said...

I'm so confused by the whole Burris scandal. On one hand the Senate has no reason not to seat Burris, the fact that the person who appointed him is in scandal does not disqualify him--he would be a great appointment Senator in any case.

At the same time, I don't get why Burris is fighting this so much. At one point I heard the possibility that Burris might be appointed that the new Governor once Blago leaves; however, his hissy fit all but threw out that possibility.

Exactly how was he expecting to be of use in the Senate anyway, if he knew that Reid would make his two years there miserable. At either end this is a political mess.

Great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Don’t you sometimes wonder what would have happened if Al Gore demanded a recount instead of meekly exiting stage right?

Anonymous said...

If he is ultimately seated, Burris will be the most watched guy in the senate because of the asshole who appointed him. Give the guy a chance. Al Franken? Cool. Nice to see a true comedian in office.

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