Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hold please…

‘Tis cold!

Shit…my fingers are too cold to type.


Bitchitude shall return this evening when this bitch is back home and bundled under a blanket.



Infuriated Faggot said...

I walk 6 miles everyday... around tower grove park and the botanical doggie evita comes should have seen her in the snow...making doggie snow angels! Adorable! I was feeling guilty about keeping her out in the ridiculous cold, but after seeing way!

I think she can tolerate the cold because she knows we go inside afterward, and she snuggles under blankets...

You have a lot in common with her! :-) haha.

Will I ever see you again ABB?


Anonymous said...

please warm up enough to give us your thoughts on the Lilly Ledbetter law passing. for me, i thought " 'bout damn time." then to hear Mr. Obama using unequivocal, powerful words to hold forth that there are NO second-class citizens in the United States of America made me remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg's words to the effect that no laws are to be constructed to separate a group of citizens from their fair and equal access to the rights and protections of the US constitution. i called my best friend and told her "grrrl!!! i get a feelin' that us queers might get to be people in america one of these days!!!!!" but, my brain is over-tired and fevered.

be good and stuff,


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