Sunday, January 04, 2009

Et tu, Bill Richardson?

Breaking news that’s still breaking and will continue to break for days!!

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has withdrawn from his nomination to…umm, what was it? Oh yes, Commerce Secretary!! So many nominations, so many nominees. Anyhoo, one time presidential candidate Richardson is withdrawing because of the anticipated distraction-based drama surrounding an investigation into…wait for it! alleged pay-to-play deal between some company that made donations to Richardson’s causes and was awarded contracts.


There’s no indictment and Richardson isn’t under arrest…this is an investigation and politics overfloweth with them 24/7/12.

But daaaaaaamn, talk about drama!

Pay-to-play is the investigation du jour…big time.


And looking to politicians for the campaign finance reform these scandals demand is like hiring the fox as a hen house security consultant.

***logs off to see if the breaking news that's been breaking all day has become a developing story yet***


Anonymous said...

Let the games begin!

At least he pulled out rather than totally besmerching the new administration before they even really get their feet wet!

adamson said...

*is VERY surprised at Richardson...*
I think he definetely has his hands in this one.

Anonymous said...

Here I am all late in the game, but I just have to say that I am not AT ALL surprised by this. When he was running in the primaries I heard some very serious criticism coming from the far left regarding Richardson's involvement in a 1998 scandal during his tenure as Energy Secretary under Clinton. You can read about that on Wikipedia... my point is, he somehow managed to keep this fact relatively under wraps while he was running on the ticket, but now that he has stepped aside - let's just say that there are many who are not only NOT surprised, but plenty relieved he has pulled back.


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