Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pondering the leadership test...

Shall we?

As the world wakes up to the New Year, this bitch is pondering the challenges that are before us. The horrible violence in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis that is the result…the continuing atrocities in Darfur that continue even as the world turns our back on them…Zimbabwe’s Mugabe and the cholera epidemic he can’t deny away…the world economic crisis and the restructuring of all things it calls for…and all of the neglected domestic areas we failed to nurture in times of plenty are just a few that come to mind.



Lawd, it’s enough to make a body long to go fetal and commence blubbering.

So it comes as no surprise that political pundits are falling in love with the phrase “leadership test.” Hell, if Mr. Obama isn’t about to get his leadership skills tested then a bitch isn’t a bitch!


The thing is these challenges aren’t just a test of Mr. Obama’s ability to lead…and they sure as shit are…they are our leadership test too.

We need to ask ourselves some serious questions about what our priorities are locally, nationally and internationally…I’d like the Medicaid cuts made under a Republican Governor from hell in Missouri restored under our new Dem. Governor, the St. Louis city public education crisis addressed as candidates campaign for Mayor and comprehensive sex education returned to Missouri classrooms.

And we're going to have to weigh our priorities against the daunting realities of broke as hell states in a broke as hell nation in a broke as hell world.

Big time decisions are being discussed and debated right now and will be made in the coming weeks…in cities and towns, states and territories and on the Hill.

We all face a leadership test in 2009.

And this test is already running...has already begun...and never really ends.


billie said...

thank you. one of the biggest issues facing america isn't necessarily the economy or infrastructure or global warming- it's the lack of regular folks standing up and taking charge. it's how we got saddled with a bunch of career politicians who became big corporates' shills. it's our country and our world- and the responsibility falls to us to hold the leaders accountable and demand what is right for all humans on the planet.

Anonymous said...

My state just announced it's big plan for balancing the budget includes cuts to education and children's health care. Yeah, the leadership around here is failing the leadership test. There are only so many letters I can write and phone calls I can make.

Anonymous said...

Long-time lurker...love your site. My only question is how to balance the financial demands of making education and medical care sane again (regardless of what state one lives in) with income. I'm in NY; and we're facing a hell of a budget crisis as well. You (not you personally) can't cut taxes but increase outlays. I may have majored in literature, but even I can do that much math.

Rev. Bob said...

The US has got 2 conflicting Palestinian policies. They don't need a 3rd.

In a couple of weeks Obama will take over and in the meantime our European allies are taking care of business in Gaza.

The thing that passes the real leadership test is that, when nothing can be done, don't do anything.

Unknown said...

...and never really ends. ~ Amen to that Shark Fu.

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