Thursday, January 15, 2009

No place to go...

A bitch is fucking freezing!

I’m sitting in my couch-based lair…and I’m fucking cold.

Damn drafty old as hell house!


Anyhoo, be kind to your animal friends and remember they shouldn’t be out in this shit for extended periods of time anymore than your ass should.


Moving forward…

The Great Illinois Senate Standoff – To Seat of Not To Seat Burris - is over. Confirmation hearings are underway and, of course, confirmation drama has arrived to keep the political press happy. And Congress is about to get its bailout on…again.

But this bitch is pondering things on the ground.

Maybe, ‘tis because I’m blessed to have a home and heat…it may be drafty, but it sure as shit isn’t the same as being outside in 1 degree weather…but I read this story about volunteers searching for the homeless to try and prevent deaths due to exposure and I couldn’t help but wonder if our national housing crisis has helped people better understand homelessness.

So many people face evicting from foreclosure that federal and state governments are considering a moratorium on that shit.

And those folks who face eviction aren’t all people who foolishly signed up from a domed from jump mortgage.

Our economic crisis is a beating and a half, but it is also an opportunity to do some inner work and better understand the other…that sometimes hard times, mental health conditions or physical health problems overwhelm us.

Sometimes things don’t work out or fail to work out fast enough to save a home.

Sometimes people end up sleeping in their car or on the street.

In the cold…in this cold…and there, but for a similar crisis, could go any of us.

This bitch wishes those who volunteer safe and fruitful searching…


Anonymous said...

Peelable Caulk. Honest - our homestead is a drafty old barn and so I get tubes of peelable caulk from the hardware store every fall and "glue" the windows shut. It's not so strong that one cannot open a window in emergency, but significantly reduces drafts and airflow. Be sure you get the peelable stuff(!) and use a wet finger to smooth the caulk out, but for a couple bucks a tube it makes a huge difference. Also you can buy coils of thick felt for a couple bucks a bag that - even without the caulk - helps plug big gaps in old window frames.

Anonymous said...

Then Shark has to remember that high blood pressure or hbp pills are blood thinners, meaning u can't get enough clothes Its long john time..grin.

Shark-Fu said...

Rileysdtr...I'll look into them! The windows might as well be open...ugh.

L.Jackson...don't I know it. Layers have limits and my blood is thin as hell.

***logs off to add long johns to shopping list***

Anonymous said...

though it is frickin' cold outside, my pup, girl and myself are toasty indoors.

I tell my dog all the time that she's luckier than many people in this world...and better looking.

You make some good points...feel free to check us out also.

Middle Girl said...

Now if I could only get the dog to use the toilet! Life would be, if not perfect, supremely improved.

Layer, layer, layer..'tis key.


Anonymous said...

Centennial Methodist Church at 16th and Olive has a homeless outreach program for nights expected to be 20 degrees or lower, in which the volunteers drive around trying to locate homeless people and either persuade them to accept a ride to the shelters, or give them blankets, gloves, hats, coats, etc.

So if St. Louisans have either time or extra blankets etc, there's a good place looking for these.


Changa Bell said...

LMBAO! The beginning of this post is SO funny, 'Mercy!' I can feel the cold through the page. This is exactly why 6 months ago I moved out west to LA :)

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