Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it just me…

…or is there something hauntingly familiar about the swiftness with which Scooter B. and his minions are trying to cram through the Great Reorganization of All Things Fubar and Money Related emergency legislation?


I’m just saying…this kind of 'oh shit, the markets are falling!' massive 24/7 freak-out festival followed by a series of 'hurry, hurry c’mon hurry!!' record breaking (so you know no one really read the shit) expensive as hell proposal creating law writing events…cough…feels a lot like the quick fix head fake war authorization drama that continues to be the fuck up that just keeps on fucking.

Blink once again.

A bitch suggests a multi-hour session of quiet reading time…stat!


Anonymous said...

I was watching the talking heads this morning, and from what I gathered, some democrats and republicans are saying deja-vu over the no-restrictions-just-give-me-the-check-already attitude the Bush Administration is using to get this money.

They are saying that this is just like the sweeping " security reforms" Bush wanted right after 9/11.

Only this time, instead of just handing the money over, they want some restrictions added like no golden parachutes for the top execs at some of these companies, and some type of oversight for how this money is distributed.

I also remember someone saying Obama wanted them to add some type of relief for homeowners.

I'm just afraid that the Dems will not have the stones to make the main two stipulations stick


Anonymous said...

Good News (I think)

Bush has agreed to add strong oversight of the money and mortgage help for homeowners in this bill.

I read it on

Anonymous said...

Whole thing is a really, really bad idea. I mean - really.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

It's like the sweeping "reforms" after 911 and the run-up to the Iraq war...

Hope you're over the Ebola thing and now feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Eight years of Clinton = budget surplus

Eight years of George W. Bush = record deficits, record corruption, and record payouts to crooked or incompetent businesses

Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?

(let's rerun some old campaign ads)

DeannaHawk said...

This sounds like soooooo much fun: put more people in charge and legislate they are accountable to NO ONE! Wow--where do I sign up?

Nice blog btw.

Anonymous said...

If this doesnt work, they're getting ready for the meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the most scandalous part? The Republican puppet masters are trying to make their bailout plan irrevocable by ANY courts or other government bodies:

achoiceofweapons said...

Once again Deregulation didnt work!
The California Energy crisis, The Savings and Loans, the housing market and now they will either regulate to draconian standards or just place another bandaid on the problem. There is no way to ban greed.

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