Monday, September 22, 2008


A bitch has been sick for days!

Wince…sneeze…hack, cough, hack.


This is my first cold-based Ebola incident since being diagnosed with high blood pressure and let me tell you – the BP safe cold meds are not the same. I was so hoping for that blissful release resulting from consuming 2 tablespoons of foul tasting nighttime liquid…but the good shit is the same shit that I’m not supposed to take now that my pressure is high!

So this bitch ended up taking some blood pressure approved cold meds that made my cough go away and reduced my fever and so forth...but they skipped right over the bliss-based nighttime liquid med sleep.


Being sick and responsible is the very definition of not fun.

Anyhoo, I sound worse but feel much better.

Thanks for the well wishes!


Anonymous said...

I feel you. Glad you are back among the less sick.
As an hb sufferer and having gone thru a serious
case of something extremely nasty this summer
--I say hit it up with a toddy full of hot goodness (as long as your hb meds don't discourage alcohol.)
---Saved my life and got me to sleep. It's been
15 years since I had a decongestive . . . I miss 'em.

dinthebeast said...

Weak meds are annoying, but let me suggest you stick with them anyway.
I had a stroke back in April, and let me please be your reminder of how much you really don't want one of those. I can take a shower standing up as of last week, and my recovery is ahead of schedule. I am 47 years old, and I was in good physical condition when it hit. Don't fuck around with high blood pressure; it's hard enough to deal with an Ebola-based week of no ABB blog. A CVA-based month might kill me in my weakened state...

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm late on this but get better!! I just got over the same it was a circle of hell so horrible even Dante wouldn't have written about it. I'll raise a glass of Woodford Reserve in your honor and wish you good health!

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