Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A whole lotta cabbage…

Scooter B. has announced that he’ll be leaving behind a huge pile of deficit-based drama when he leaves office in 2009.

$482 billion dollars worth of drama.


Well, actually $482 billion dollars plus the $80 billion in war costs the White House left out in violation of a Congressional mandate.

Oh, and apparently we should also add unemployment costs, Medicare fees, the cost of that new housing bill parked in the garage.

You know what, this is like a bitch trying to determine my personal deficit without factoring in monthly soul food expenditures or the cost of fueling up Miss Sister Girl Cabrio.


Anyhoo, we’re actually talking about a deficit closer to $600 billion dollars when you add in all the shit Scooter B. and his 'we'll just hide it under the mash potatoes!' minions decided not to...and that’s a whole lotta motherfucking cabbage.

Here’s where it get’s ugly.

See, there are those who like to say that the 2009 projected deficit isn’t that big of a deal because as a percentage of the gross domestic product it implies a ratio of around 3.3 percent which is below previous years and blah, blah motherfucking blah.

White House budget director Jim Nussle gave forth the following statement. “These projected deficits are both manageable and temporary if spending is kept in check, the tax burden remains low and the economy continues to grow.”

A bitch reads that statement and sees code for those vicious assaults on the masses these people like to call deficit reduction plans.

I can almost write this script my own damn self.

Oh, someone could stand up and shout "Last Call, motherfuckers!" on the federal pork binge…or suggest that mayhap we’ve written a war spending check our asses can’t cover…or take a step towards those sanctified holy relic tax cuts that no one I know qualifies for.

But no, these rancid motherfuckers intend to tap a funding vein in the social programs that are already writhing on the floor in wretched agony begging to be put out of their misery. They’ll stand above those pitiful used-to-be-programs....mmmhmmm, like Jack the Ripper....and slash away whilst mumbling maniacally about killing off entitlement programs and how small governments really turn them on.


Someone please tell me that the people who voted for this rancidity...who opened the door and invited the fiend inside our house...Lawd, tell me that they have learned something from this fuck up that just keeps on fucking!

***cue crickets***



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure (because I didn't used to pay attention to these things), but, didn't he also INHERIT one of the largest budget SURPLUSES ever? That's a lotta change to blow through...

lilalia said...

You have got some strangely incompetent people holding the money bags in your government.

Do you think that the Change Congress (http://lessig.org/blog/2008/07/netroots_nation_keynote.html) activism can possibly expose, change, and make politicians more accountable?

Shark-Fu said...

Great question! I think that the strongest activism is that of the participant voter who knows that her work begins after she casts her ballot.

We the people are the ones who need to hold those elected to serve us accountable and a lot of this corruption can be sourced at a lack of civilian oversight.

Without oversight and accountability there could be 40 separate political parties and the same sorry outcome...power does corrupt, after all.

Anyhoo, I missed Netroots but a bitch is all for trying something new just as long as it includes the people getting off of our asses and participating in the political process 12 months out of the year.

Anonymous said...

That's three big "if"s in that statement.

Unknown said...

A fine rant Shark Fu!

And yes, Scooter B did inherit a huge surplus from the Clinton administration..wherein he quickly turned it into a huge deficit..

The guy is good at something..sadly its not a "good" something.

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