Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pondering the price of logging on…

A bitch is about the head out to San Francisco for BlogHer 2008 where I’m going to be a speaker participating in the How To Take Names and Be Taken Seriously as a Political Blogger session.

So, it seems fitting that my integrity as a political blogger has been called into question in the comments of a recent post on the eve of my participation in that session.


I must confess to being royally pissed off and, although a bitch may be angry daily, it takes a certain tone to take my ass to the royally pissed off stage.

Many a reader has disagreed with a bitch and that’s cool. I happen to think anyone who totally agrees with someone else needs to do some serious inner work. Some of ya’ll disagree through e-mail and some prefer to comment. A bitch does monitor comments…if you have a problem with that shit you need to take it up with the racist troll-based knaves who made that monitoring necessary…but I do not reject comments that disagree with my position, just those that threaten violence or are completely off topic in a distracting way. My blog = my discretion.

Anyhoo, disagreements and debates don’t royally piss me off.

Personal attacks on my dedication to social justice and integrity do, particularly if they assume my position on a certain subject before I’ve expressed it in any way, shape or form.

A bitch will confess to taking a deliberate step back from all things involving the presidential presumptives. I found myself mentally exhausted after the race baiting anti-Muslim incidents of the Democratic Primary. And I’m still trying to come to terms with the dismissive posture taken by some feminists towards that shit and towards the accompanying ignorance directed towards the wives of the presumptives. So, I took a step back…its not as if there isn’t a lot of shit happening that doesn’t involve the race for the White House…with the intention of diving back in come August.

What I have not done is give anyone a pass or flushed my commitment to social justice down some sort of online blogger toilet.

I wasn’t accused of that shit by a reader who asked if I was working on a post on the media’s coverage of Cindy McCain’s hair and the tendency of the press to cover her as an ice princess.
Nor was I accused of a complete loss of integrity by the reader who sent this bitch an e-mail asking if I planned to blog about Senator McCain’s revealing comments about his opposition to LGBT adoption.

And I didn’t feel that my dedication to social justice was in question when someone sent me an e-mail asking for my thoughts on the recent New Yorker cover.

The thing is, I’d have loved to write about all of that and would have if I wasn’t taking a wee break until August. Mayhap that’s the reason a bitch was royally pissed off by comments that went there because I had the audacity to write a post about the telecom immunity drama that didn’t involve a pointed indictment of those who voted for that piece of shit including Senator Obama.


As I prepare to head out to San Francisco and discuss political blogging I find myself grateful for this comment-based reminder that those of us who blog about politics are also subject to political drama and critique.

A bitch takes comfort in knowing who I am and why my ass posts shit in the first place.

I’m an activist who blogs and I will not apologize for how often my activism takes me off-line or demands that I take a step back from a topic for the sake of my mental health.

But as much as I’d like to think I’ve earned the benefit of the doubt…well, a bitch can’t do anything but keep it real and acknowledge that no one gets the benefit of the doubt on the internets.

Such is the price for logging on and any political blogger knows that…just like we know we’re going to sometimes get royally pissed off when we pay it (wink).

Toodles ‘til San Fran…


Anonymous said...

You mean you're not simply a lifeless machine who posts endlessly for our collective amusement? You have a life, a home, a family, responsibilities with which you need to deal?

Aw, nuts. There goes my "Metropolis" fantasy.... promise me you at least wear that fabulous metallic bra.

To all my brethren and sistren who are bitching about Little Sister's lack of debate about YOUR pantingly favorite topic (and I will use direct words of minimal syllable here, to ensure maximum opportunity for understanding):


Want to talk about a topic? Then talk about it. Want to sharpen your personal vendetta? Either sharpen it your own damn self or put it back in your pants...

Thank you, Little Sister, for disclosing your mind to us on an enjoyably regular basis, and for graciously supplying a forum within which (sometimes) enlightened debate can flourish. Best wishes, safe travels, and I look forward to corresponding with you upon your return.

Unknown said...


I am also pissed off about Obama's FISA vote.

However, I would never take your decision to leave him out of your FISA post as an indication that you don't care about his betrayal. Or that you've lost your integrity. Or any such bullshit.

Good luck at the conference.

Don't let the bastards grind you down.


Anonymous said...

All you can do is be true to yourself. Like your blog. I hate the word "bitch" but I do like your blog.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Black lady, I noticed you were taking a break of sorts. Enjoy. You of all people deserve it. I know how ya feel. Sometimes you gotta turn the motor down. I actually blogged about personal stuff yesterday. . . that was strange. . . but then, people have no expectations of me. You've raised the bar so damn high.
Have a great time in SF! Great place. I'd love to join you for shelfish at Swann Oyster Bar.

Robyn McIntyre said...

Hearing your real and thoughtful comments and answers at the BlogHer 08 panel on political commentary was a treat! I look forward to keeping up with you and your passionate advocacy.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I got to meet you this morning at BlogHer at breakfast and I am here to say to all your readers (which they already know) this woman rocks IRL! I am so bummed I missed your panel tho. but I heard it was excellent. Anyhow, no one votes this bitch off the island. See you later, girl!


Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

Enjoy your vacation, girl! LOL! That wasn't nothing but a bitter Hilliary lover trolling the blogs. I peeped her blog for about 30 seconds and she hates Obama.

I too am tired of feeling forced to pick a side every time I write something political. As I learned well from Gina at WAOD - "It's my blog."

I did find it interesting that she decided to get in the big girl feminist sandbox with you. I have to respect her nutty gall!

Tracy said...

Your blog, your rules.

BlogHer session with you was fabulous because I wanted perspective of activist bloggers in particular...hate it when folks tell you what you should write.

Funny how so many of us political bloggers took time off this summer---primary.....tooo......long.

bitchphd said...

OOh, that shit pisses me off on your behalf. God *fucking* forbid that you don't jump every time some random commenter says boo, or that you don't cover every goddamn thing.

Not that you need to hear this at all, but imo you're one of the *very* few of us who actually puts some shoe leather into this "effecting change" stuff, and it's pretty rich that someone wants to try to impugn your motives or integrity. Especially when for god's sake, the issue at hand is one that a LOT of people have covered, so it's hardly as if your readers don't already know about it.


Yeah, that pretty much covers it. Jeezameezus.

I hope you have a fabulous time at BlogHer. I'm mad at myself for not going.

Anonymous said...


Until us in bloglandia are makin' a living doing this shit and therefore not just able but required to do it as a full-time job, well, we've got lives and such.

And I'm definitely with ya on the step back from the political campaigns. I invested so damn much in the primaries (and yeah, some of it is caused by my disappointment with Obama's recent actions) that I need a break, time off to write about silly things that amuse me and other topics I take seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people get off on putting others down--and the internet makes this very easy, unfortunately.

All I can offer is love and understanding--and I really hope you have a great time on your trip!

Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day.

Unknown said...

You never mince words, which is part of the reason we heart you Shark Fu.

Enjoy the conference! ;)

nmw said...

Oh, her. I've seen soopermouse on other blogs, showing up only to attack people for being insufficiently critical of Obama and his rampant misogyny. Of course, when pressed for examples of said misogyny, all she can say is, "Why aren't you talking about his misogyny, huh?"

You do what you do well, and if she doesn't agree, well...blogger is free.

Frogspond said...

So, you don't jump to the whim of everyone who posts a comment? Well, shit, there goes my respect. *serious heavy sarcasm*

I was nervous when I met you back in November. I had (still do) so much respect for you and the effort you put in for change, local and national.

You sure changed my Mom (of choice)'s view of the world. She is still trying to process that get together. LOL

You know, come to think of it, her environmental activism kicked in with a vengeance after that meeting. Hadn't put that together before.

Ok, this post is long enough. I think you get the point. Not like you are gonna but please don't change. And don't let the ass holes distract you from the good work you do here!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Good gawd, Shark-fu, how did I miss all the fuss? First of all, I would not expect to be all activist 'n' shit without some debate, but that was ridiculous. I'm sayin' push your own agenda on your own blog, enter into intelligent discussion, or MOVE ON.
Secondly, I would have loved to be at BlogHer and to attend your panel.
Honestly, I wouldn't care if you took 6 months to just write about street corner diners in Missouri-as long as you're writing. I come here for the composition, almost as much as the content.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what Yankee said. Love you, love your writing, am quite jealous of the people who got to meet you at BlogHer.

I haven't personally written much about this year's campagins. So much of it made my brain and/or heart hurt, to the point where at times all I could say was, "...Seriously?" So taking a break from all that is perfectly valid in my book.

For what it's worth. :)

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