Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Have you ever woken up already tired of people?
It’s a lot like when you wake up with the kind of headache that usually takes hours of someone dancing on your nerves to achieve.


Mayhap someone will invent a pill for this…


woodsba said...

Frankly my friend sometimes I wish someone would invent a clicker much like a TV remote which would mute another person. Am I bad?

The Bear Maiden said...

Um, yeah.


When you find the pill for it, lemme know, though I find Tequila helps.

Unknown said...

Every day.

Welcome to the world of G.

I haven't found a pill for it, I just use vodka.

Anonymous said...

This whole week has been tiresome. Must be something in the air.

OTOH I love the bottle of happy pills.

Frogspond said...


The pill thing is a riot considering that I have ADHD. For years I self medicated with looots of coffee and nicotine.

Well 6 weeks ago I quit smoking.

Then, over the next 6 weeks I learned that there are limits to how much coffee I can consume in a day and realized that coffee doesn't do shit for my version of ADHD.

So, yesterday, the day you posted this, I took my first ADHD med in over 25 years.

I am laughing my ass of not only at the timing, but at the fact that before the med, my boss was afraid to approach me for fear I would pull his head off and hand it to him.

Now? I feel great! Focused and smiling. (Course the sleep thing could use a little work)

Kim said...

I actually laughed out loud!
You very succinctly put into words what I've been feeling for the last few weeks!
Thank you for my LOL, it's the first one of the day and it's 11:09 PM.

Anonymous said...

Hello: yeah specially here in USA, a country where most people are boring, hate each other and are not too friendly. Mornings are rough in America, the land of Plutocracy, boredom and Misery.

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