Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Rep. Leara’s gun bill and defending the Constitutional rights of Missourians…

Once again, I have the joy of watching a Missouri lawmaker’s legislative malfunction make national news.

***cue Rep. Leara and his bill to restrict the rights of legislators to legislate***

On one hand, I was dismayed to see our dirty laundry (mainly, the fact that the Republican majority in the Missouri General Assembly has less home-training than a gang of feral cats) aired out as content for people who enjoy feeling that the middle of the nation is an absolute hot mess.

But on the other hand…I’m kind of glad that Rep. Leara gave me the opportunity to go off on the epidemic of hypocrisy rampaging under the dome in Jefferson City.

Rep. Leara filed a bill that would make it a class D felony for any member of the General Assembly to propose legislation that restricts the right of an individual to bear arms, as set forth under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Rep. Leara then took to the press to acknowledge that this bill is absolute bullshit filed to make the point that he’s not going to stand for anyone trying to take away Missourians Constitutional rights.

But Leara is full of it.

He is.

He and his Republican colleagues are members of an army waging relentless war on women’s Constitutional rights, with a freakish glee and dedication.

They've even gone so far as to say the reason they feel validated to restrict women’s Constitutional rights is…wait for it…to protect people.

Pause…allow to marinate…continue.

Tis like a policy-based math equation.

Constitutional right - protection of people = restrictable as hell

I happen to disagree with Rep. Leara’s definition of “people” and most of what comes out of his mouth…but I also think the best way to back fools like Leara off of is to hold them accountable for their inconsistent application of their own logic.

Rep. Leara just filed a bill containing felony penalties should any legislator attempt to legislate restrictions on Missourian’s second amendment rights.

Now’s the time to ask Rep. Leara and the rest of the conservative gaggle to stand up for the Constitutional rights of Missouri women to have UNRESTRICTED access to the full range of reproductive healthcare.

Oh, I already know that Rep. Leara will fail to file a bill applying felony penalties to lawmakers who fail to respect privacy rights.

His kind is incapable of understanding how his over-the-top defense of one amendment to the Constitution shines a glaring light on his nonexistent defense of the rest of the law of the land.

***sniff, sniff***

If you get lost on the way to the Jefferson City, a swarm of flies and the smell of fresh bullshit will guide your way...


Anonymous said...

so ur post had nothing to say about the issue of gun rights? yea im all for womens rights, but im also for the right to bear arms. its just funny how u turned a gun issue into a sexism issue. one does not go with the other. just because the guy is bad due to his supposed low value of women, doesnt make his arguement for pro gun rights invalid and less important

Shark-Fu said...

Anonymous... Rep. Leara and his homies are hypocrites and, thus, the most dangerous kind of politician. We all suffer when politicians treat rights like fashion...and casually discard some while fighting to the bone for others. Right now tis women's health they are willing to toss under the bus. Next year? Only money will tell... But hey, if that works for ya...

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