Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday time...

C-Money looks on as I meticulously remove candles
I think this was birthday #8!
Thanks so much for all the fantabulous birthday wishes!

I’m already loving 40…even though I woke up a wee bit hung over from celebrating my last night at 39 a little too hard.


Anyhoo, many thanks to my sister C-Money for giving me my own personal Shark Week of birthday-based joy.

Best sister EVER!



DesertRose said...

Happy birthday!! May there be whatever treats you like best, and may the day and the year be as fantabulous as you are!

Rachael said...

Hey sharkfu Coincidentlly I made a donation in your honor yesterday at Food Outreach! Happy B-day

Shark-Fu said...

Thank you so much, Rachael!

Rileysdtr said...

Is that frosting on your cheek? If you clean birthday candles like I do it is!

Welcome to your 40s. Having gotten there first (by a long shot) I promise your best days are still ahead!

Laura said...

LOVE this picture! You and C-Money in your pretty party dresses, with the beautiful cake and all the matching birthday accessories! 8-year-old heaven! Wishing you many, many more.

Rah Bickley said...

Dear Pamela/Shark-Fu,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You youngblood you. I'm about to turn 49!
I'm so glad you're still posting. Here in NC we have a restrictionist governor who wants to bomb us all back to the Dark Ages, especially women, children, poor people and not-white people.
On the good side, I'm singing a concert Sunday in gorgeous Duke Chapel with the Chamber Choir of the Choral Society of Durham -- opera disguised as sacred music by the fun-loving Rossini.
Keep giving them hell in Missouri.

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