Monday, August 06, 2012


A gunman opened fire and killed at least six people Sunday inside a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee.

Even as my heart hurts for the victims and survivors, I can’t help noting that we’ve gotten freakishly good at this…the media at coverage, communities at gathering for memorials to mourn, and the masses at making excuses and then moving on.

Another mass shooting…another violent act of hate…and reports of six people murdered by a gunman.

The gunman was also shot and killed.

There’s a damn formula that unfolds.

The attack…calls to police…a massive show of force…and end to the violence…and then the media reports…followed by public displays of mourning and perhaps flowers and candles deposited near the murder site.

Then the excuses…the debates and defense and dismissive statements.

Yeah, we’ve got this down now.

And that says a lot…

…doesn’t it?


Anonymous said...

You and the Onion nailed it:,28857/

Holliday Vann said...

Yes, I agree. We all gawk and moan and nothing ever changes because the NRA is more powerful than the citizens of the U.S. Right? So sad.

Anonymous said...

And today we read about yet another shooting, this time in...where else?...Texas. Need George Bush drive. How fitting. I just wish the nut jobs would kill themselves first and spare us all the sorrow.

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