Monday, August 13, 2012

Baked flounder with a side of braunschweiger…

Mitt Romney has selected a certain Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate.

***rubs hands together***

Oooh…this is gonna be fun!

Shall we?

Paul motherfucking Ryan!!!

I’ve got a very special level of resentment for Mr. Ryan…since he’s the architect of a budget that would slash social service programs many disabled folk, like my brother Bill, rely on to live.

Oh, no one can deny that Ryan has an appeal...but I, for one, am thrilled by it.


Think about it.

Ryan is a Tea Party dahling…and what comes with rallying the Tea Party base?

You got it – Tea Partiers!

Their collective orgasm will produce a rather motley crew of supporters…and those supporters will go a long way to helping Team Obama make the case that Romney-Ryan is an unhealthy meal for the masses.

This election is now clearly going to be about choices.

And that’s the best kind of election, in my humble opinion.

Let the games begin…

...and may the masses vote like their Medicare depends on it!


Blue said...

Sadly, methinks you underestimate the inanity (insanity) of our electorate as well as the complicity of our press.

Djiril said...

I hope you're right!

LajS said...

I don't know what to believe. 2. Years ago when I turned 18 I was so very excited that I would be able to exercise my voting rights. Especially amidst an election in which the possibility of the reelection of the first African American president could go down. After reading this morning about Ryan receiving SS benefits himself, and seeing the commercials Romney has unabashedly fired towards Obama... AND whilst not being fully satisfied with Obama's last term.. (Which I can admit some of that let down is my own fault for having such eager expectations) I just don't know anymore. I definitely know that I'm not voting for Romney, but at the same time I don't know how strongly I want to support Obama... I'm not for drinking the kook-aid! Of any flavor/variety. So, to end this uncharacteristically lengthy comment.. I'm going to commit a cardinal sin and ask; "Who are you voting for?"

Shark-Fu said...

I'm voting for the candidate who defended women's access to reproductive health care, who passed a health care act that ain't perfect but sure as heck is better than the alternative, who has a budget proposal that won't take money from working class Americans to assist the rich while they get richer...I'm voting for the dude who hasn't proposed an 11 percent cut to food assistance for disabled people like my brother, who isn't looking for ways to grow military spending by destroying Medicare...

I can go on and on.

The path is clear, LajS. Don't vote our of fear. Vote as if your rights depend on it, because they do. I lived through Reaganomics once before and I have no wish to watch my loved ones suffer that hot mess again.

But you do the research. Remember that a lot of what is messed up is that way because of Congress or the states...don't give Obama a pass, but don't saddle him with baggage that isn't his.

And vote.



Yankee, Transferred said...

The only thing that really worries me about the Obama team being able to win is the probability of voter oppression and vote-stealing on the part of the Republicans. And it really worries me.

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

Never underestimate the ignorance (or gullibility) of the American voting electorate!

The premier Gay Pagan American said...

You've been nominated for a One Lovely Blog award!!!

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