Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A not so “special” special legislative session…

This year Governor Nixon called for a special legislative session after the regular session ended in May so that state lawmakers could tackle some important business that could not wait until next year. Many Missourians are getting a good look at what political junkies like me see session after session…the inability for the Missouri House and Senate to legislate things that don’t involve jamming government in between women seeking healthcare and their doctors.

This has been a not so “special” special session. Lawmakers were tasked with passing legislation to facilitate St. Louis leaders' plans to turn the Lambert airport into a China trading hub, gain local control of the Police Department, and seduce the NCAA Final Four basketball games to come to town. Unfortunately, extending the session meant extending the juvenile infighting within the controlling GOP and the public displays of private feuds that seem to plague the assembly.

The Senate has taken their ball back and left the playground.

The House is still hanging around the kickball field fussing about how the Senate took the ball and left the playground.

Governor Nixon is fixin’ to head to China.

Important legislation that could bring jobs and money to the region gathers dust while gazing anxiously at the paper shredder.

And it’s all just another case of history repeating.

Behold, the dysfunction of the Missouri General Assembly when tasked with legislating something other than denying access to reproductive health care or denying Missourians our voting rights or protecting animal abusers ability to operate puppy mills.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

I suppose this is what happens when folks elect too many people to government who don’t believe in government.

And I wonder if this not so “special” special legislative session cost taxpayers money.

I’d ask for a refund but that’d probably require a special legislative session and…well, did I mention that the Missouri General Assembly is legislatively challenged?



Hattie said...

The aggravation never ends. I'm glad you are hanging in there! I've been following you for a long time, although I don't comment very much at all, because I'm way out here in Hawaii. But man it's the same all over. Good and bad.
Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

why be in gov if you don't believe in gov? they are so insane. yet people keep voting crazy into office.

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