Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome, New York Magazine readers!

Apparently I got a shout-out in New York magazine - fantabulous!

Welcome to all new readers.

I'm in an all day meeting planning reproductive justice activism for 2012... bitchitude is on hold until later today!

And many thanks to Emily Nussbaum for the shout-out.

I can't wait to read the article... 


charmngbilly said...

your mastery of bitchitude and cut-to-the-chase-abso-frickin'-lutely-no-B.S. astute political analysis makes it no surprise that your gettin' the exposure.....i'm looking forward to ABB going INTERGALACTIC in its reach.

carry on the good fight, and pray for us dealing with the "personhood" mess here in MS.


Bridget Bufford said...

Yes! On the p. 4 Lady Blogosphere list. Nice.


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