Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the end of the Oprah Show…

It’s raining in Missouri…again. 

My backyard is a damned pond. 


Anyhoo…shall we?

Yesterday, as I sat huddled with co-workers in the basement of our building to wait out the tornado sirens, my thoughts turned to Oprah’s last show.

I remember when Oprah came on the air.  Our house was a Donahue home…but we added Oprah to our television menu to see what was what.  It was the era of the talk show wars…Oprah, Sally, Phil and so on and so forth.  One by one, they came and went…except for Oprah…Oprah kept on keeping on.

Over the years I’ve cheered and winced while watching Oprah. 

She’s made me proud, pissed me off, taught me new things, made me rethink some shit I already knew, disappointed the hell out of me, and made me wanna wrap my arms around her and hug her for hours.

I’ve cried…with her.

Yelled…at her.

Cheered…for her.

Looking back, it is amazing how much time I’ve shared with Oprah!

And now her show is over and she is moving on to the what’s next phase of her life.

Fare thee well, Oprah...


regina said...

Though it's not my "job" to wish for Oprah things which she did not choose to promote, I deeply wish that in addition to all the faux, quasi-medical hoo hah some of her guests promoted Oprah had devoted even a moment to HAES (Healty at Every Size). She made herself the poster girl for weight loss schemes yet never circled back around to the reality that 95% of weight lost is regained, and that even someone with the INCREDIBLE resources she has is, like me, still kinda' fat.

Denise said...

So long as you are safe, dear Fu, doesn't matter if you have beachfront property for a while.

*salutes to Oprah*

Anonymous said...

Tis' a day when a bit of television history both ends and begins

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