Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Versus vs. the hockey fans…

A bitch adores NHL hockey.

I watch a lot of different teams even though my heart rests with my beloved St. Louis Blues hockey club (Let’s Go Blues!!).

So, I understand and appreciate the fact that the NHL Channel and Versus broadcast certain games between popular teams that just about every fan of NHL hockey would like to see.

What I don’t understand and sure as shit do not appreciate is the bizarre anti-fan deal that FOX Sports and the NHL have worked out to not broadcast certain games when Versus is broadcasting one to their games of the week.

What the fuck?

Last night my Blues beat the Atlanta Thrashers and, despite having the NHL Center Ice package, I couldn’t see the game.


Not only do I adore the Blues but I kind of have a soft spot for the Thrashers and would have liked to see that match-up.

Shit, don’t these people know that hockey is for everyone?

Here’s the thing…this deal is fubar.

It’s frustrating to hockey fans…very frustrating…so frustrating that I have a real good hate for Versus now.

And the Versus game of the week is cursed, I tell you...cursed!  Versus assumed that the New Jersey Devils and Washington Capitals would be a highly anticipated game…and I’m sure it was for Devils and Capitals fans, but both teams are struggling right now and I could give a flying shit. 

Mmmhmm, the hockey gods are not pleased!


***logs off to go old school and read about the game in the paper***

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