Monday, December 27, 2010

Reflectitude and pondering 2011...

Happy Last Week of 2010, y’all!

Lawd, it has been one hell of a year…some good, some bad and some blah.  But that’s just the way of it, isn’t it?  Reflection points out that some of the shit we think is awful isn’t as bad as we thought it was and a lot of the shit we thought was fantabulous isn’t all that and a bowl of chili.


Anyhoo, now 2010 is coming to an end. 

I have a lot to celebrate – my brother moved closer and I can visit him more, my work continues to be fulfilling and challenging, my mentee graduated from high school despite serious challenges and hurdles…and I emerged on the other side of pain after major surgery.

Not bad.

On the flip side - the economy continues to be fubar, a Congress that already had a habit of throwing progressive issues under the bus will now shift power to a political party poised to add moderate shit to the mix, the Census has called down a redistricting shit storm that is guaranteed to demonstrate the baser side of politics…and state legislatures continue to pander to the mob while neglecting the needs of the masses and thus produce inedible legislative toxic sludge with such regularity that we cheer when they somehow manage to make half a pound of bland sausage.


Makes a body wanna get her hermit on…but this shit is too important, so come January I’ll wade back into the swamp with the rest of the activists out there and do work.

For 2011 I’m going to make a goal that is connected to all that…to the good, the bad and the fubar that one sees when we give a shit.

I’m making a promise to myself…to take better care of me…so that I can enjoy the things I have the celebrate and tackle the things that are on the verge of going to shit.


I, Shark-Fu, promise to make and keep appointments with my doctor and to sleep more and distress on a regular basis.

Hell, that's a huge commitment...for me!!

Shit, I've got to keep this goal doable, for the love of all those resolutions folks make that don't stand a chance in hell.

And I make that goal-based promise because 2010 taught this bitch that when I ignore suggestions and nudges from my body…my body eventually ends the argument by knocking me flat on my ass.


Lesson learned!

And here’s to making the best of the last week of the year so we can all greet 2011 with some serious bitchitude!

Toodles for now...


dinthebeast said...

Smart resolution. Do take care of yourself. It is not a luxury or an indulgence (although the occasional indulgence isn't really a bad idea).
We learn how to get by on less and less, and while our resources do dictate our behavior for the most part, there are limits to the return available. Your health isn't negotiable. That's what I found out. I kept telling myself that I could push it a little farther, it would be OK until next payday and blah blah blah. Then one evening I woke up and couldn't get up because I'd had a stroke. That was in 2008. I can walk, but not very well. So please use me as your example and remember to be good to yourself. Just get into the habit of it; it's just as easy as the habit of not taking care of yourself if you just do it. And it is worth it: it is damn hard to get your activism on when you can't drive and you walk with a quad-cane! Again, it can be done, but you'll get more done for a much longer time if you protect your health while you still have it. You already know all of this, but sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else.

-Doug in Oakland

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks Doug and you are so right - the reminder can't come often enough!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Demi said...

My New Year's resolution is to actually get in the swamp and do a good bit of wading in there with you and other activists. I've been standing on the edge and sticking my toes in every so often for much too's time to get down to business! You have always been an inspiration for me, and I love this blog...I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

rowmyboat said...

Thanks for the bitchfirmation, Shark-Fu.

numol said...

[Late] Happy New Year, and I'm glad you'll be taking it easy once and a while.

Spencer Lord said...

nice. :) happy new year. thanks for all the great stuff. :)

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