Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A bitchfirmation for the Blues...

Update - Blues win 4-3 at home - way to close the deal, boys!

My beloved St. Louis Blues hockey club has struggled at home. I was at the last game and it was the very definition of BRUTAL (wince).

Shit, the third period made my Afro hurt and the only good thing about the game was that it was such an absolute hockey fail that it obviously isn’t about basic skills but is more likely sourced somewhere in minds of the players.

Yeah, it was that bad.


So, tonight the St. Louis Blues will honor Brett Hull and his getting into the Hockey Hall of Fame…major hockey greats are in town…and we’ve struggled at home but are about to take the ice against those Flames.

Fuck a duck, ‘tis time for a bitchfirmation for the Blues!


Okay boys. This is your barn…your ice, damn it. This is where others will fear you and where the folks in the seats adore you. This is where you shine and play like hockey gods. A bitch knows that fans and the press have been all over you like white on rice because of the home record thus far...fuck that shit. Fuck it! What’s past is in the record books and tonight is yours to define.

Be audacious, be intense and be Blues.
Mmmhmm, so go on with your badass hockey playing selves!

Go Blues!

And congrats to Brett Hull on joining the Hockey Hall of Fame!


Unknown said...

Brett is a hall of famer..that is the truth Shark Fu!

I am still in football mode. ;)

Peterr said...

Re: the update.

Hmmm . . . maybe all they needed was a little encouragement?

Perhaps the Blues would like you to come give a little pep talk in person some time . . .

Shark-Fu said...

Ha! The lost last night to those evil Hawks, so I might go down there and give it to them invitation or not (wink)!

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