Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let the defubarization begin!

A bitch is finally feeling recovered from the election rush! Missouri may still be up in the air…and Lawd knows we love to take our damn time with post-election counting sessions (wince)…but we’ve got to move on and get about the bitness of defubarization.

Pause…roll up sleeves…continue.

Shall we?

This bitch adores a good debrief. I’ve participated in many event-based things and even a successful happening has areas in need of improvement. So, I’m more than a little eager to dig under the scabs covering the wounds of soon-to-be previous administrations.


So we the people have a better understanding of just how fucked up shit was and can make the adjustments necessary to prevent that mess in the future.

Catch that knee before you hurt somebody!

No, we haven’t just spent two years doing that. Elections aren’t debriefs…they are festivals of spin where facts often get trampled.

And 'tis facts that shall set us free.

Let’s start with Missouri…’cause I live here, damnit.

Governor Matt Blunt was fucked up from the floor up on day one, but folks stopped talking about some of the specific fucktitude the second he declared his fiendish mission accomplished and took his own rancid ass off the statewide stage.


He’s gonna get gone.

But as anxious as we all are to see the south side of a northbound Blunt, this bitch thinks we should look through the trash before it gets tossed out to make room for Governor-elect Nixon.

Governor Blunt’s administration is accused of improperly using campaign technology to communicate state business…of having no protocol for the handling of email communications…and of purging communications that may contain evidence of who the fuck knows what.

Lawsuits have been filed and investigations are on going.

On one hand a bitch would like to know why Blunt’s minions apparently got Nixonian…tricky Dick not Jeremiah…and indulged in a lot of delete, empty trash and then repeat.

I see that many flies and this bitch knows there’s a pile of bullshit somewhere.

But on the other hand, a bitch wants to understand the nature of Blunt-based fubar so I can make sure we clarify that shit for the new Governor.

The same shit applies to our federal government...and members of the outgoing crew who appear a wee bit anxious to get out the door.

Our long national nightmare may be coming to an end…

…but those who forget the shit that makes absolute fubar possible are doomed to repeat it.


dinthebeast said...

I agree. We were told we had to let them do this garbage, we should not let them get away with it, no matter how much we want them to just go away. Can you say "Yes ma'am, your honor"? OK, how about "remanded"?
-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my ignorance, but what does fubar stand for?


Shark-Fu said...

Fucked up beyond all repair, m'dear.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

In my useless and unrecognized opinion, improper use of e-mail, telephones, etc. should only be used as icing on a cake of corruption.
I don't particularly care what means of communications anyone uses and whether they use it for official, campaign, personal, etc. use.
Yea, you can use the office e-mail to commune with the wife, you can use the office phone to talk to your best friend or campaign manager. . . I don't care.
Hell, you can have sex with your secretary in your gov't office for all I care if it's just sex.
Does all that sound horrible?

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned the Prop 8 protest in Stl I thought you might be interested in the upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil in St. Louis:

libhom said...

hillbilly: Improper use of email and other communications can be used in at least three corrupt ways.

1) It can be used to obstruct justice, putting emails on a private servers which then get deleted when the guilty parties might get caught.

2) Giving campaign communications the false impression of having official government status.

3) Using government resources for political campaigns.

Kofi Bofah said...

You and your people just might enjoy this.

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