Monday, April 14, 2008

Anger, bitterness and allergies…

A bitch is feeling a wee bit under the weather today. I think the freakish spring temperature changes have jumped up and fucked over my sinuses (wince).

Sniffle…dab watery eyes…continue.

Shall we?

This bitch is often fascinated by the response of political pundits to certain words and phrases. Mayhap they are too intimate with the body they report on or perhaps they just don’t like being critical, but it appears that the media is thrown by words like anger and bitter.

On anger…
This bitch is big supporter of anger.

Catch that knee, damnit…my congested Afro is killing me and I’m not in the mood for kneejerktitude!

Anger…not rage… is a natural emotion and it is long past time the masses stepped away from the feast of Soylent Green The Man has been serving up and felt some shit again. This bitch is talking about anger, which speaks to expectations and disappointment and frustration. Anger means you give a shit and it is often the only way folks can tell that they didn’t meet your expectations or that you are on to their bullshit.

But just look at how shocked the media was when the topic of black people's anger jumped up in the Democratic primary campaign. Their shock is proof that too many angry black folks have been holding that shit back in diverse company.

Speak, damn it! Express thyself so that someone other than the choir knows what the hell you are thinking.

Warning - daily explorations of anger are slightly addictive (wink).

And there is no excuse for journalists that live in New York City, Philly and D.C. to not know the concerns and emotions of people of color. Y’all need to get your diversity on more than once every four years! Back away from the fucking computer…walk out of your insulated work and living areas…and experience your fucking cities you self segregating, out of touch and shocked for no reason but your own out of touchedness fools!

Sniffle…glare at Claritin bottle…continue.

On bitterness…
This bitch lived in Pennsylvania for more and a few long stretches of time. My maternal Grandmother lived in Allentown and my father was born in Bethlehem, so I have tons of family in Pennsylvania.

I spent one long summer in Allentown in the 1990’s and…well, folks I met then were bitter as a motherfucker.


Hell, this bitch was bitter and frustrated too.

If Allentown had a dollar for every “y’all sure are resilient!” political speech tossed at them instead of a viable proposal for industrial growth maybe there’d be no reason for bitterness. No, everyone wasn't always bitter. I had some fantabulous fun times in Allentown. But the Billy Joel song still applies and there’s no spinning your way out of it.

Nor should politicians want to walk away from the shit.

Lawd, if candidates spent half the time they spend arguing over whether voters are bitter coming up with economic solutions that address why voters are bitter they’d be onto something.
But that’s too much like right…right?

Now, I’m not trying to absolve Senator Obama for his foot-in-mouth...what the hell was he thinking...doesn’t he know that Democrats have to avoid the elitists label...verbal malfunction caught on cell phone video whatsitcalled last week. That shit was ill timed, poorly stated and the verbal equivalent of tossing one steak at a pack of starving dawgs.

Having said that, some people…lots of people…are bitter for a lot of different reasons.

Cough…dab leaking eyes…continue.

A real time example…
This bitch is angry that my ass can barely afford to feed my car and still be able to feed my sorta-beagles…I’m fired up over that 60 Minutes Iraqi corruption report that aired last night (what the fuck, what the fuck, what the FUCK!!??)…a bitch is more that a little pissed off that the so-called housing relief bill is really bullshit designed to relieve builders…and I’m also angry that the issues most likely to impact my life aren’t getting coverage because everyone is looking for that one big fuck up moment that will derail someone rather than looking for the collection of policy proposals that will make a fucking difference in the lives of voters.


Mmmhmmm, and I’m bitter as hell that all the good allergy meds are bad for my blood pressure.



Anonymous said...

Black folk are lucky this year. The Obama candidacy is allowing the true color of some of our "esteemed" public "intellectuals" come out. So far Michelle Malkin has gone on a crusade against the black church, for what she calls a cesspool of hate. Bill O'reilly has threatened that if black poeple don't shape up, white people won't deal with us anymore. National Review Online and Newsmax mutualy think black people have nothing to complain about ever; and the distinguished Pat Buchannan claims that black folk ought to kiss the ground his white forefathers walked on for bringing our heathen butts to this annointed land.

I for one am rejoicing at all of this, as I think all people should. As outrageous as these comments are I appreciate knowing exactly what these people really think about black folk.

Black people, especially black people, need to just stand back and watch this spectacle. After this year is over with there needs to be some serious consideration about where we need to go to improve ourselves and humanity at large.

I dare say that the democrat/republican dichotomy aint going to work for us.

I don't know what a bitch thinks about this but I figured I'd let my anger be known.

midwesterntransport said...

i don't understand why anger has such a terrible repuation among some folks. anger is a useful emotion -- it can lead to powerful action.

or even just cleanse the palate.

in other news...i sympathize with your sinus problems. i have many of my own. have you ever tried a neti pot? it's all hippy-dippy, but it's also magic. it's basically pouring salt water through one nostril and out another. which sounds gross, but cleans the sinuses right out.

Anonymous said...

So, I take it the local honey remedy failed to block those seasonal allergies? Too bad, I was hoping that would be the silver bullet to help us through the spring season...that's one less thing on the specialized shopping list. Oh well!


Shark-Fu said...

Don't give up on the local honey trick! My research shows that it takes time, so I may have to sneeze through this spring.


LQ said...

I'm currently going through my first spring in eastern KS, so I feel you. Right now it feels like somebody took my eyeballs out while I was asleep, scuffed them up some, then stuck 'em back in. Good times. I want to try the local honey thing, too, but haven't yet figured out where to find local honey in Suburbia. *sigh*

Anyway, though, I like what you had to say about anger, in particular. Sometimes I think that suppressing anger can be more destructive, in the long run at least, than rage.

Anonymous said...

Anger isn't politically correct. And it's unfortunate.

A couple of weeks ago, my 12 year old told me, his mother, to "shut up." Wellll...I got angry and the rest of the household knew it. Later on, my 7 year old chastised me saying that I shouldn't say I'm "angry," I should say I'm "disappointed." I looked Young Mr. dead in the eye and said, "Son, I was angry. It's okay to be angry about some things."

Disappointment can lead to apathy. Rage can lead to violence. Anger can lead to change.

Spring in Missouri can lead to allergy hell.

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