Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chil’ren, we have ourselves a sentence…

Oh shit!

A bitch was in the middle of a post about the agony of defeat (but don’t give up…it aint over till it’s over!!!) when the breaking news flashed that a certain Scooter Libby of the unashamed and unapologetic about using the weapons of government to attack a CIA Agent (shame!!) Libbified clan has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Holy shit!

A bitch was sure Scooter L. would get probation knowing the ability for The Man to get away with all manner of illegal shit and not pay for it whilst the masses get the book thrown at them for first offenses…but that’s another post…cough…where was I?

Oh, holy shit!


Well, clearly the asshole is going to appeal…and appeal…which will bring on more appeals…and so forth and so on until the calendar says Novemberish 2008 and Scooter B. (President Bush for the uninitiated) is faced with a pardon-based decision.

Whatever will he do?!?

Blink followed by blink.

Oh, the weight of leadership and heavy decisions and respons…oh, fuck that shit.

We are talking about the same motherfucker who has turned Leader of the Free World into a 9 am to 5pm with three 15 minute breaks plus lunch and 4 years vacation insulting as a motherfucker joke.

This bitch is willing to bet Libby’s pardon is signed…sealed…and fixing to be delivered in November 2008 sure as shit stinks and babies cry.


Maya's Granny said...

Yep, the same G.W. Bush who never commuted a death sentence will gladly pardon this guy.

Peregwyn said...

He will probably have to report to jail 45-60 days from now. Let's round it off and say August 1. November 2008 is 15 months in jail. That's half of the sentence. If Bush holds out until January 2009, it's 17 months.

Not enough time for all the crimes he's committed against the Wilson's and humanity in general, but still significant for someone at his "status level".

Clio Bluestocking said...

As late as 2008, you think?

Anonymous said...

It's the masses that handed down this sentence. And Shrub doesn't actually HAVE to wait until Novemberish 2008 to pardon him, you know? He could (and probably even WILL) pardon him before the week is out. In the name of "moving on", or somesuch. He doesn't care WHAT people think about him.

Shark-Fu said...

Good point on the President not having to wait!

A bitch was factoring in the appeal process and anticipating how long a certain Scooter L. could drag that shit out.

But now I have to admit that we may see a pardon sooner rather than later.

Oooh, the anticipation groweth...

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