Monday, June 18, 2007

Take the it right…

Happy Monday chil’ren!

Congratulations to the volunteers who came out to support the 2007 Komen Race for the Cure in St. Louis!

It was hot as hell but so worth it.

There’s nothing like moving closer to a cure with 65,000+ pinkified fellow supporters!

Moving forward…

For a certain Sue Woo…
I lift your nephew up in thoughtful prayer to the Divine One. May he be safe as he returns to Iraq and may he know that he is loved and missed back home.

And may your family find peace and strength…

...until we study war no more.

Moving forward yet again…

Lock the door...pull out the phone...
This bitch caught the Sunday chats yesterday and my ass is concerned.

It seems that immigration reform is being handled with the same lack of attention to detail certain motherfuckers gave to the Patriot Act...the Iraq War plan...No Child Left Behind...Social Security reform...Medicare reform...reform of the Tax Code....ugh!


Mmhmmm, a bitch keeps getting this mental picture of frustrated and eager to get their vacation on law makers squirming in leather back chairs whilst being forced to meet and discuss all things immigration and reform based.

I understand that immigration reform is a difficult to address thing.

But easy shit ain’t what y’all are getting paid to do!


And this bitch doesn’t think the nation will be served by a bunch of hyperactive as if they were 11 years old and this were the last day of school before summer vacation lawmakers cramming complicated policy into a three to four day window…then not reading the shit they end up pasting together…and then voting for that shit knowing it has been fucked with to the point of no longer accomplishing a damned thing.

Lawd, have mercy!

So, a bitch would like to direct Congress and their policy minions to the inspirational work of The SOS Band.

And baby we can do it
Take the time
Do it right
We can do it, baby
Do it tonight!

Pause…shake groove thang in work-based area…continue.

Seriously...cough…a bitch is not concerned about immigration.


But this reform by sundown or else technique of policy development terrifies the hell out of me.

My ass is beyond concerned about how the implementation of hastily tossed together without care of consideration bullshit infused so insert lawmaker’s name could move it off their desk and go get their tan on in Bermuda courtesy of insert special interest lobby’s name sorta-legislation will impact the masses…my city…and my friends.

So, take the time...assholes!

Do it right…for the love of all that’s policy based and hard as hell to fix once voted into existence!


Maya's Granny said...

would you believe, in Alaska we have gone from a 120 day legislature to 90 days? Next year is the first year and how they will accomplish anything with care I have no idea, since they haven't been able to get everything done in 120 days. I mean, instant coffee is one thing (and not a very good thing, at that) but instant law is quite another.

Anonymous said...

It's a thrill to see a mile-long sea of people filling the 6-open-lanes street. Granted, for most of us, it was the STROLL for a cure.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Legislators ought to study up on immigration before they rush in and pass stupid laws.
League of Women Voters is doing a two year study. They aren't taking a position until they know what they are talking about. How novel.
Love your writing!

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