Thursday, July 01, 2021

What Did I Miss?

So much has happened since my last post! It's going to take a spell to catch y'all up, so be patient with me.

I'm taking an extended break from Twitter because my feed has become a place where hope and empowerment go to die (wince), which reminded me why I enjoyed practicing the fine art of bitchitude via blog posts.

The ability to decide when and whether or not to digest drama is like a gift from the goddess, y'all. 

***pauses for a deep breath ... exhales ... sighs in contentment***

Yep, this is the right move at the right time ...


dinthebeast said...

While I am glad to get a post here (I do check in daily) I have to say that I find your Twitter feed to be quite informative.
Which, of course, does not address the issue of what it's like for you to maintain it.
Thank you either way, your voice is indispensable.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Mark said...

Glad to from you either way. A lot has happened with me too, so I completely understand needing to take a step back. It's been a crazy year!

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