Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump's Address to Congress Preparedness List of Needed Things...

Donald Trump is fixin to address a joint session of Congress tonight. 

This comes after he fed the political press with distractitude about how President Obama is behind leaks and recent protests at congressional town halls.


It’s been clear from jump that myth of Trump The Fighter requires an active enemy at all times. He’s settled on the press for now…but the clock is ticking on his relationship with Congress, and that’s why this speech is important. Some may say that Trump has a lot riding on his relationship with Congress…on keeping members onboard and such…but I think Congress has more at stake here.

After a week of hearing from the masses at town hall, members are now weighing the pluses and minuses of being on Team Trump against the potential political payback.

Either way, the odds of Trump getting through this speech without letting his inner Yeti out are slim to none. 

Let’s jump on in!

ABB’s Preparedness List of Needed Things for Trump’s Speech to Congress…

Pre-speech happiness…
Now, more than ever, it is important to prioritize happiness and joy in life. Even as we resist, we’ve got to season each day with healthy doses of what we’re fighting for. I’m in this for justice…for the human right to live in communities free of oppression and violence…and for the happiness and joy that comes with that shit.

Tonight’s pre-speech happiness is all about sea otters.


I adore otters! 

They have cut faces and cuddle with each other and there are tons of pictures and videos of them being happy and doing happy things online. I plan to indulge in 30 minutes of otter-based happiness prior to the speech.


Okay, it’ll probably be an hour or so of otter-based happiness…because, OTTERS!


Comfort food and school-night beverage consumption…
Okay, so I’m currently in love with a local St. Louis restaurant and food truck called Guerrilla Street Food.  They cook up yumtastic Filipino-inspired street food…and I plan to score some tonight.

These nice folks make magic with calamansi, hoisin, sriracha, fried garlic, scallions!


So, I’ve gotta have a vodka cran or two to compliment that…but it’s also a school night, so I’m skipping bingo and opting instead for a 1-to-1 ratio of vodka-based drinks and water.

I wish my Girl Scout cookies were in.

A cookie-based bingo game would be fantabulous and wouldn’t mess me up on a school night!

***adds cookies to shopping list***

Post-speech comfort and joy…
We gonna be alright…

...as long as we take care, give comfort, and get our joy on.

I find Trump’s voice and speaking style as grating as he is boorish, so I like to detox from exposure with some dawg time.

Longtime readers may not know that Betsey the sorta-beagle and Theo the Baymaster passed on awhile back. They are truly missed.

My newish canine companion is not a sorta-beagle.


I know! I went into the APA looking for two sorta-hounds from the website and came out with a large sheepdog…maybe a Kuvasz or Great Pyr mix…so not a hound. 

Her name is Zelda Bear and she’s a very sweet, bark loving, fur shedding, sassy large dog.

Zelda loves to cuddle and get rubs…and I plan to wrap up the evening with some fluffy dog time followed by reading trash fiction until I pass out.

A final note…
If you’re living in the states but haven’t watched the state of the state address from your state’s governor, get to it. 

Trump is fascinating and he loves attention and blah, blah, blah. But politics is local, and whatever comes out of his mouth tonight must be weighed against what came out of your governor’s mouth too. 

State of the state speeches are often available online, or check out coverage in your local papers.

Do it…

…and then watch another otter video to sooth your nerves.



dinthebeast said...

I saw some videos of Jerry Brown's State of the State speech, and he pretty much told Trump that California would not, in fact, be reversing course on climate change, and if it's the same speech I'm remembering, that he's expanding the definition of "sanctuary cities" for California to be "sanctuary state".
This president does need to be pushed back upon.
I have a hard time listening to Trump, as he exhibits so many traits that seem to not just lack home training, but beg for some form of correction that I know I can't administer.
I may watch it anyway, but even if I don't, there won't be any escaping it online afterward, and that's something he makes good and sure of.

-Doug in Oakland

DesertRose said...

I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your previous canine companions, but Zelda is a beauty! I'm glad you have her!

Ali said...


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